Booker Farm - On The National Register of Historic Places

Historic Booker Farm divided by Luttrell Corryton Rd. and the railroad.

The Booker Farm (circa 1750) located on Luttrell-Corryton Road in Union County was the second property in Union County to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Eighty-nine acres of the Booker Farm was registered along with a collection of historic buildings and landscape comprising a historic district that documented rural architecture and agriculture in Union County. It is the second oldest century farm in Union County and well represents the settlement patterns of this Appalachian Region. The farm lays divided by the Luttrell-Corryton road.

More About Tattooing

Maynardville Elementary School Group 1945

I knew it! I just knew when I wrote about tattooing that some of that had taken place in Union County and that I would get some feedback. Sure enough, John Brown, an elementary school classmate and much decorated Vietnam War veteran who had lived on Monroe Road, called to say he had participated in a few episodes that, in Maynardville at the time, was called Tic-tacking. Since I didn’t find that in the dictionary and since it is the exact same description as I mentioned earlier–they were tattooing houses.

Corn Chowder

Corn Chowder

It seems that hard times are around for some of us sometimes and for others all the time. What made me think of that? Cream Style Corn in the 16-oz can. I received several cans from my son who doesn't like them. Whole kernel corn is fine for him, but not the creamed variety.

Light Up Union County

A fond memory from my childhood is packing the whole family, and quite often several friends, into the vehicle nearing the Christmas season. All of us children, and our parents too, itching with excitement waiting on the darkness to fall so all of the dainty lights could glow through the car windows. Simple or extravagant, that did not matter. The cruising, the laughing, and the twinkle from those beautiful Christmas lights that we had looked so forward to admiring are a strong memory from our youth.

Seek Out the Old Paths

Take a look at your life today; and remember tomorrow, it’s history. Good or bad, it’s history.

In our modern times, it appears we have gotten too busy to teach our children old fashioned values. With our fast paced lifestyle, we are no doubt too dependent on our computers and smart phones. Children are playing with their phones rather than learning common social skills.

Parks & Recreation

The Parks & Recreation Board of Union County would like to thank all who came out to the Comprehensive Parks Master Plan Meeting on November 2nd.

This meeting was a great opportunity for everyone to participate in being a part of seeking a Parks & Recreation Grant for our county.

Christmas Project Reach To Help Children In Need

Milan Dedication Sunday

THIS WEEK: Union County COLLECTION SITE OPENS to help GLOBAL Christmas project reach CHILDREN IN NEED.
Nov. 13 – 20: National Collection Week for Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Gifts.
Union County families are on a mission to make an impact in the lives of children in need. They are donating colorfully wrapped shoebox gifts to be sent to children around the world—many of whom have never received a gift before and have very little to call their own.

Lighting Up Union County

Lighting Up Union County

This winter, get involved in your community in a way that will bring joy to all. Deck out your workplace, home, church, school, etc. by stringing out some lights and holiday décor. Make it a family or club event with some hot cocoa and music. It will be a nice fuzzy feeling we can all share, to take a spin thru town and enjoy the holiday cheer. Join in on “Lighting Up Union County”. All you need to do is send in the form below and drape up some lights to participate. Hurry and get your form in and help get this town decorated!

Ashley Mike Talks Farming, Family and Community at Extension Office

Ashley Mike is the administrative assistant at the Union County UT Extension Office.

Ashley Mike is a country girl through and through, with a life spent on a farm and a love of home, family and the outdoors. So, it's no surprise that she's found a career in the UT Extension, an organization dedicated to helping families and communities develop important rural skills, stay healthy and be successful right here at home.

The Song of Coal Creek Dam

I thought you might enjoy the Song of Cove Creek Dam by Union Countian Ruben Cleatus Burnett.

The Song of Cove Creek Dam
by Ruben Cleatus Burnett
Sharps Chapel, Tennessee

When the old Cove Creek Dam first was started, most everyone said it would be so grand
For they did not realize the water that was going to cover this land.

Many a time that bill went through Congress, to the Senate it would go
Even if it passed the Senate, it would only meet a President’s veto.