Clipped recipes

The Olive Garden in Knoxville is Anne and my favorite restaurant. The portions are large and the waitpersons friendly and helpful. It is a welcome upgrade from Mickey D’s or Subway, however, slightly out of our price range. We only go there on special occasions. A few years ago such an occasion occurred. We were celebrating my eighty-ninth and a half birthday in July. When you are approaching the milestone of ninety years on this planet, it is reason to celebrate. We announced when we approached the hostess at the door that we were celebrating. “What are you celebrating,” she asked.

Puffy bread and cheese

If you have milk, eggs and bread, you have the fixings for this delicious breakfast or luncheon dish. It's meatless, so you can fix it for supper the night before payday when your pantry is almost empty.

Old Field Forests

Conversion of an old field: mown grass to tall grass/weeds, to cedar/pine, to hardwoods.

Before World War 2 there was a lot more cleared farmland than there is now. Before chemical fertilizer and lime was readily available, per acre yields for farm crops were much lower and so more land was needed to farm. This was not a problem, as most farms had large families with a built-in labor force. But over the years the land eroded, kids left the farm, and the farmer got older. So gradually the steeper, rougher fields or field edges were let go, and the forest reclaimed them. There are indicators you can look for to tell if a forest was once a field.