Do All (Any) Dogs (Cats) Go to Heaven?

There is a wonderful episode of The Twilight Zone that features a hunter portrayed by the late Arthur Hunicutt. The hunter takes his dog and goes hunting, but both drown. The story relates how the hunter and his faithful dog make their journey to the hereafter. The farmer is almost lured by trickery into entering hell (which the gatekeeper tries to disguise as Heaven). The gatekeeper tells the farmer that dogs are not allowed in Heaven, so the hunter says he’ll just keep going down the road. A little further the farmer indeed finds Heaven, to which his dog is also welcome.

Shrimp Mushroom Alfredo

Artwork by Shirley McMurtrie

Chicken Alfredo is great, but so is this dish with the shrimp. Don't buy raw shrimp you have to fuss with. Instead use a bag of frozen cooked salad shrimp. the only prep needed is cutting off their tails. Over medium heat, heat olive oil and garlic in skillet until starting to be bubbly. Add thawed shrimp (tails removed), cooked until heated through. Add mushrooms, tossing to combine. add chicken broth and the softened cream cheese. Simmer and stir until a smooth sauce emerges. Add grated Parmesan cheese and simmer 10 to 15 minutes. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Plants That Announce Supper Time

This wild black cherry is showing a red color stage, announcing that ripe fruit is on the way.

In mid to late summer if you’re out and about you will likely see plants bearing fruit going through color stages, especially blackberries right now. Blackberry and several other wild fruits go from green to red and finally black or blue when they fully ripen. As is almost everything in creation, there is a purpose to the color change.