Happy Hollow Farm At Farmers Market

Joannah Kadron, age 10, from Papa's Happy Hollow Farm is promoting her egg sales and National Egg Month each Saturday in May at Union County Farmer's Market. May 13 she demonstrated how to make a simple healthy breakfast kids could make for mom on Mother's Day, or any day just for fun. It included deviled egg sail boats on a lake of salad greens with mom's favorite fruit on the side. On the 20th she will demonstrate making an egg salad rollup, a kid friendly snack for Healthy Kids Day.

Christian Mothers

Christian mothers are to be honored. I thank God for my mother and the love she had for all of her children. She gave this love not only to her own children but to all the children she taught in school and all that she took care of in her daycare. My mother was a courageous woman. She raised eight children and made each one of us feel as though each one was an only child. We didn’t have a lot of materialistic things but we always had something to eat and a clean outfit to wear, even if it needed to be washed several times a week.

Union County Mystery Tag

Union County Mystery Tag 927 - 1920

Help us identify the mystery tag. The tag was found by a treasure hunter using a metal detector at the Hamilton-Tolliver Historic Complex on Kettle Hollow Road. We have some ideas, but have sought some official confirmation. In the meantime, test your recollection and tell us what you think about this 1920 Union County tag.

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A Tribute to Ruth Gentry Raley

A Tribute to Ruth Gentry Raley

Ruth Gentry Raley, second child of the late William M “Will” Gentry (b. June 16, 1889 - d. December 1, 1974, buried Union Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery and Nola Sharp Gentry (b. December 22, 1896 - d. December 7, 1978, buried Union Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery). Her grandparents are James and Martha DeLapp Gentry and William “Bill” Sharp and Elenora Warwick Sharp. Will and Nola were married September 15, 1918 in Union County.