Lighting The Christmas Tree

Friends and neighbors gathered at Wilson Park in Union County TN, many driving their antique cars for the cruise in and the lighting of the Christmas tree. I drove my 1929 Ford replica and parked next to the Veterans Wall to be part of this event. The tree at the top of the hill stands approximately 20 feet tall and shaped nearly perfect. It is not just an ordinary tree, it is special, placed in that particular spot and folks gathered to celebrate the beginning of the Christmas holidays.

Black Lillies Rock at Westwood

As the rain rolled off the skylights and wind beat the window panes, Cruz Contreras and Sam Quinn of the Black Lillies tempered the crowd with the somber emotional sounds of “Whiskey Angel”. The enthusiastic audience whistled and clapped their appreciation at last Saturday night's house concert hosted by Knox Heritage at Westwood on Kingston Pike. The concert was one of many fundraisers to pay off the note for Westwood. Knox Heritage and the East Tennessee Preservation Alliance contributed various resources and materials to help restore Oak Grove School in Sharps Chapel.

What Ever Happened to Spanky

Several people have called me after the stories about tattooing houses. One call was from Robert Lee “Bobby” Fields, whom I have not seen since school days and had not spoken with in over 60 years. It seems that Edgebert Lee and Melba Lovell had stopped by to see him and brought a copy of the Union County Shopper. Bobby and his wife now live at Strawberry Plains. Bobby retired from Bell South with 37 years of service.



Bread pudding is an old fashioned dessert. Back in the day you made do with what you had. Going to the grocers more than once a week was unheard of. Bread pudding was my first attempt at making a fancy dessert. It was at my second job. I made ten dollars a week plus room and board.

Union County, TN, My Home Place

A very prominent educator suggested we use this slogan for, "Today's Events are Tomorrow's History”. We all know we can’t change history, but we can improve our future by knowing the successes and failures of our past. Our goal for is to promote businesses and bring jobs to our community.

Snowflakes are Magical

The miracles found in snow stems back to when I was a little girl, about 6 or 7. The Christmas forecast was for sunny and warm temperatures, in the 60s, but I prayed for a white Christmas. I had the childlike faith that it would snow. My grandfather, Roscoe, was teasing me by saying, "It's not going to snow. It's going to be too warm." I replied, "Don't you believe in the Bible?

Dec. 15 Deadline Nears

December 15 is the deadline for ACA 2018 health insurance enrollment. If you have health insurance for 2018, great! If not, you may want to check on ACA Marketplace Health Insurance for security and to avoid tax penalty. In 2015 Union County had a 18.8% uninsured rate among working age adults, much higher than the state average.


Gip's Mill Contest Winner is Announced!

Gips Mill Contest Winner is Announced

The winner of the Gip's Mill contest is Deana Rutherford. Deana you have won a $20 gift certificate to Gip's Mill Country Store and Deli. You can pick up your prize at the Union County Vendor Mall during their normal business hours located at 155-A Durham Drive Maynardville, TN. We hope you enjoy your time at Gip's Mill.