A New Family Addition

Leyton Taylor Campbell

“God’s most beautiful gifts bloom into children.”

Jordan and Allison Campbell recently received a new blessing to their family. Their son, Leyton Taylor Campbell, was welcomed into the world on Saturday, July 7, 2018 at 12:42 pm at UT Medical Center.

Keepin' the Old Ways

Macedonia Methodist Church at Andersonville

In order to appreciate how it is or how it might be, our youth need a lesson in the “Old Ways.” Understanding what our ancestors endured will instill a greater respect for their survival and how they prospered.

Pounding Down the Well

Pounding Down the Well

My husband's widowed mother married her former brother-in-law in our living room. Uncle Charlie had hurt his leg putting down our well on the property of what was to be our new home, closer to my husband's work. The minister said it wasn't written anywhere that you had to stand to be married. We were all seated.

Back to the well. The water table was high at the new place. We didn't need to drill a well, Uncle Charlie said. He would help us pound down a well. It was cheaper to do than drilling a well. The three of us could do it.

Fearless Running

Fearless Running

Some spices I am privileged to experience from the side line.

That spring evening, my daughter Sara’s softball team was playing the number one, undefeated team in their league. The other team were all 12 years old whereas Sara’s teammates were barely 10. We went in with no illusions of victory. If we were lucky, we may get one run.

At the top of the third inning, Sara went up to bat. At this point, none of ours girls had made it to first base, which was no surprise. At least they looked cute in their red, white, and blue outfits.

The pitcher threw. Sara swung.

Chicken Biscuit Stew

Chicken Biscuit Stew

I remember when I worked full time in a sewing factory. My mind would wander while sewing. After you do the same stitching over and over, it doesn't take all your attention to do the job. My mind would wander to wondering what I would fix for supper that evening. My kids were in the lower grades in school and came home about the same time I did. They had a long bus ride.

Snake Bit


When you run across a snake, their normal reaction is to get away. But if they feel threatened enough all snakes will bite defensibly. If you are bitten, here are some recommended first aide treatments.

Try to determine if it’s venomous or not. If you’re confident it’s not you can treat the bite like you would a puncture wound. Check with your doctor to see if you might need a tetanus shot booster.


Community Revival Coming to Luttrell

Group Praying for Revival next to ball field.

Cedar Ford Baptist Church is big on missions, but Pastor Jeff Leach recently felt God’s call to focus on the mission field right here at home.

“The Lord just woke me up and said, ‘This year, the fish are at the dock,’” he said.

So, along with many other ministry efforts within the church, Cedar Ford is reaching across churches and denominations to help facilitate a community worship and revival, set for 7 p.m. July 30 through Aug. 1, at Luttrell Ball Park behind Luttrell Elementary School. Free food will be provided between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m.


Commission Sees Fiscal 2018 End Within Budget and Gives Wheel Tax Exemption to Firefighters and Rescue Squad

Union County Commission

Finance Director Ann Dyer reported that Fiscal 2018 ended within budget and all budgets in balance at Monday night's regular Union County Commission Meeting,

Higher Taxes or Economic Investment – The Election of 2018

The Election of 2018

Economic growth for Union County will be the topic of conversation at the 10 July Candidate Forum at the Union County Senior Citizens Center. Sponsored by the Union County Business and Professional Association, State and local candidates have been asked to respond to a number of questions at the 12 Noon forum.


Morgans Pass Love of 4-H to a New Generation

Bill and Debbie Morgan

In one way or another, Bill and Debbie Morgan have spent most of their lives involved in UT Extension and 4-H. In fact, that’s where the couple first met, as Agent and Assistant Agent at the Union County Extension Office. And their four kids have gone through the program, inheriting a love of rural life and rural skills from their parents.

Schoolhouse Memories, Life Lessons with Wanda Cox Byerley

Wanda Cox Byerley

“How can you put 85 years on one page?” Wanda Cox Byerley asked me at the end of our interview, right before she asked me who’d want to read it.

I told her I’d do my best, and the audience would probably surprise her.

It’s probably an understatement to call Wanda a walking contradiction. On the one hand, the twice-widowed mother of two and older sister to seven brothers calls herself “tough,” and she is. But in the same breath she’ll tell you how much she loves all seven brothers, all her children, step-children, grands and great-grands, and every student she ever taught.

History of Hickory Star

Hickory Star Marina 1947

Hickory Star Resort and Marina will be celebrating its 75th anniversary in a few years. The history of the marina goes back to 1947 and possibly further, but no one associated with the marina today can recall. Justin Noah is the current manager.

“I have a photo dated 1947,” said Noah. “The marina may date back before that but I can’t find any records or older photos.”

This history was told to me by people who were not there at the beginning, but who have gained their knowledge from stories passed down. If it differs from what our readers know, I apologize.

Next Best Thing: An Interview about Chet Atkins

Chet Atkins

For me, my cousin Sharon DeVault Roach was the next best thing for an interview on Chester Atkins. Her father, who was also my great uncle Buster DeVault, was Chester Atkins’ best friend. They grew up together as neighbors in a Luttrell holler and stayed best friends the rest of their lives. Sharon said they talked every Tuesday on their ham radios. No cellphones or emails in those days.

Fond Remembrances of Bobby and His Lasting Legacy of Wilson Park

Robert Wilson Johnson

Robert Wilson Johnson 1930 - 2018 Through the prolific Heiskells, I have many favorite cousins. Bobby Johnson is certainly among them. My first real remembrances of Bobby and his parents, Robert and Ella Wilson Johnson, is when we needed to go to Knoxville to shop or to the dentist. Robert was frequently our ride as he went to his job as Treasurer of Winter Garden Frozen Foods. Later, the Johnsons moved to Fountain City so Bobby could attend Central High School. My grandmother Heiskell and Bobby’s great grandmother were sisters–Sarah McClain Heiskell and Emma McClain Chesney, so the families stayed close over many, many years.

Let’s Get Radical, Radical!

Ronnie Mincey

Mincey’s Musings
Year One, Week Twenty-Seven

The title of this week’s article is based on part of the lyrics to a song that was popular during my college days, “Let’s Get Physical, Physical.” The obvious reference in the song is to sensual pleasure. Such a view reflects a great portion of the world’s view of love, the satisfaction of desire without commitment.

Lower Back Pain

Union County Chiropractic

A call to action on lower back pain remedies has been issued by prominent international researchers in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet. They recommend:

• coordinated international leadership to drive transformational change across health and social services and occupational settings to stop fragmented and outdated models of care

• development of evidence-based medical responses to low back pain emphasizing the concept of ‘positive health’—the ability to adapt and self-manage in the face of social, physical and emotional challenges

My Dog Buster


We had a dog named Buster. He was a beautiful dog of questionable breed, but we loved him. Isn’t that the way it usually is? I remember him well. He didn’t start out being my dog. When Patty and Don Irwin moved in our middle house, Patty got a puppy and named him Buster. He was supposed to be a little dog, not the monster he grew into. Again, isn’t that the way it usually is?

Reminders of What Once Was at a Place Called Mossy Springs

Joseph Stephens

On the last day of May in 2015, as a gentle off and on rain fell upon the tin roof of an open air shelter, a window into times past opened at a place called Mossy Springs. While seated in the picturesque setting, overlooking the clearing near the spring from which the sacred place takes its name, time seemed to come to halt and at times flow backwards-to the time before “the move”- to the time before the “water came up”.