Ashley Mike Talks Farming, Family and Community at Extension Office

Ashley Mike is the administrative assistant at the Union County UT Extension Office.

Ashley Mike is a country girl through and through, with a life spent on a farm and a love of home, family and the outdoors. So, it's no surprise that she's found a career in the UT Extension, an organization dedicated to helping families and communities develop important rural skills, stay healthy and be successful right here at home.

The Song of Coal Creek Dam

I thought you might enjoy the Song of Cove Creek Dam by Union Countian Ruben Cleatus Burnett.

The Song of Cove Creek Dam
by Ruben Cleatus Burnett
Sharps Chapel, Tennessee

When the old Cove Creek Dam first was started, most everyone said it would be so grand
For they did not realize the water that was going to cover this land.

Many a time that bill went through Congress, to the Senate it would go
Even if it passed the Senate, it would only meet a President’s veto.



I have a recipe for Mincemeat Fruitcake. There was a time when the amount of spices in your mincemeat showed off how much you could afford. Not me. I buy the cheaper store brand. There is no meat in mine either, just green tomatoes. The Puritans would have liked mine. It is booze-less. I am always looking for a way to save money. Meat and candied fruit are expensive. Green tomatoes aren't.

On The National Register Of Historic Places In Union County

On The National Register Of Historic Places In Union County

What is it about old places that draws a body? Creaking boards, slightly sunlit beams, narrow and steep stairs, and marshy little spring branches all seem to have a lure that we just can't resist. They give us that warm feeling like we belong there or was maybe once a part of these magical old places that represents our history. Old houses, old farms, old stores, and old school buildings reach out and grab us by the collar and just won't let go until we pay our due respects to them.

Fall at the Mall

Fall at the Mall

Union County Vendor Mall located at 155 Durham Drive, Maynardville TN, hosted its Second Annual Fall at the Mall Sale on Saturday, November 4th, 2017, by offering great bargains on a variety of antiques and collectibles.

This event was very exciting with vendors showcasing their booths. The doors were open just before 9:00 am and closed at 3:00 pm. The Vendor Mall has doubled in size this past year offering a fantastic place for customers to do their Christmas shopping.

The Love of God is Needed To Overcome Evil In The World

I, like many of you, am shocked and appalled when I see the things happening in the news these days. It seems that mass shootings and terrorist attacks have become an everyday occurrence. These things are evil and should never happen. They seem to be carried out by people who have a deep seeded hatred toward another person or group of people. I am no psychologist, but still I try to analyze what would make a person commit such evil acts. The only conclusion that I can make is the people who commit such acts of violence have been overwhelmed by hatred and evil.


The Power of Prayer

I’m thankful I was raised in a Christian home. Did you know that statistics show that the action of families turning off the TV and smart phones, gathering around the dinner table and beginning their dinner with prayer results in a positive influence on the children and the entire family? If you ever wonder why prayer has such great effect on the family, let’s consider the true meaning of prayer. A prayer is the sincere desire of the heart. When praying, we are acknowledging things in life are not in our control and we need the guidance of our Lord.


Under the Tree

Under the Tree

Union County Children's Charity annual "Under the Tree" toy program is underway. The event is for low income Union County children ages 0-12 years. Applications were distributed through the Union County Public Schools and the deadline has passed. Now the ornaments are printed and put on trees in various businesses throughout the county.


The Union County Lions Club will be selling pecans beginning on November 1, 2017 at the following locations: Commercial Bank (Maynardville Branch); First Century Bank (Maynardville Branch); and the Union County Trustee's Office located in the Union County Courthouse. The cost per one pound package is $10.00. Packages available this year include halves, dark chocolate covered whole pecans, and whole white covered pecans. Proceeds from the sale of these pecans will provide eye examinations and eyeglasses for qualifying Union County residents.