Speak up or sing the blues for Blue Mud

Map services and data available from U.S. Geological Survey, National Gospatial Program

Map services and data available from U.S. Geological Survey, National Gospatial Program

The image shows a proposed plan and what will happen to the natural woodland area across from the current Big Ridge campground and Blue Mud boat launch if the project is completed.
The Union County Commission approved the grant to complete the study to implement this plan at last month’s meeting. The grant is for $104,000 with a match of $24,000. No source for the match was noted in the Mayor’s Report. The approval was done as part of the Budget Amendments and Transfers under Fund 171-Capital Projects.

Fond memories shared of Plainview School

Sherrell Greene, Ted Greene and Richie Turner prepare to open the school day at the Plainview Elementary School reunion.

About 50 former students, friends and family gathered at Plainview Community Center on November 25 to reminisce about their education and fellowship at Plainview Elementary School, which operated from 1932 to 1970.

Nearly $75M handled perfectly says Mayor Bailey

Missy Brown, Crystal Flatford, Ashley Webb and the entire Union County Finance Department received recognition for a perfect county audit.

Mayor Jason Bailey recognized the Union County Finance Department for “doing such an awesome job with Union County finances and having a perfect audit” with no findings in any department or fee office of Union County government at the regular Union County Commission Meeting on November 27. He recognized finance department employees for their careful handling of nearly $75M. He also commended the expertise of the elected officials who handle funds.

BOE adopts 2024-25 calendar with early release days

The Union County School Board approved the 2024-2025 calendar at its November meeting. Most of the calendar was very similar to past years.
However, the addition of six early release days sparked some discussion. The early release days would close school at 1 p.m. rather than 3:15. Carolyn Murr, a Maynardville teacher and president of UCEA, voiced a concern for parents including teachers who would need to find additional daycare during the work day.