Presley Lay Named Union County 4-H National Dairy Month Chairman

Nashville, TN– Presley Lay has been named the 2023 National Dairy Month Chairman for Union County.

Lay will be honored June 8 at the Tennessee June Dairy Month Kickoff Event at Ellington Agricultural Center in Nashville. The event includes recognition from Brian Flowers, president of the American Dairy Association of Tennessee. The official kickoff celebration recognizes Tennessee 4-H members’ efforts to promote National Dairy Month in Tennessee.

2023 Green Industry Field Day Scheduled for June 27

The Green Industry Field Day returns in 2023 as an in-person event. The last time the event was held completely in person was in 2019 (pictured above). Photo by B. Sims, courtesy UTIA.

In-Person Event Returns to UTIA Campus

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The Green Industry Field Day will be hosted in person this year by the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture. The event takes place on June 27, 2023, and participants will enjoy a variety of sessions that will take place beginning at the UT Gardens Plaza and ending in the Brehm Animal Science Building Lecture Hall.

A look at the Lumbar Spine

The spine is made up of distinct areas: the cervical spine, which is essentially the neck; the thoracic spine, in the mid-back; the lumbar spine, the lower back; and the sacral spine, in the pelvis. The lumbar vertebrae—the individual bones that make up the lumbar section of the spinal column—are described as L1 through L5. If one or more of those vertebrae are out of line—what chiropractors call a ‘subluxation’—here are some problems that may ensue:

Where's the Lunch?

What’s your favorite thing about visiting another town? Mine is eating at local restaurants that we don’t have back home. It’s usually a great experience. Usually.
Recently I was in a small town when lunch time rolled around. I was excited because I was going to eat at a local Barbeque restaurant. A couple of different people had recommended it to me, so I was giddy with excitement when I pulled into the parking lot. I did notice there wasn’t a lot of cars there. As I walked into the dinning area, I was going over in my head I was going to order. Soon, I realized I was the only ...