Introducing Staff Sergeant Donald “DJ” Taylor, our new Veterans Services Officer

Staff Sergeant Donald “DJ” Taylor

You may already know him as the School Resource Officer at Horace Maynard Middle School, now DJ Taylor has added to that role by accepting Mayor Bailey’s invitation to serve as Union County’s Veteran Services Officer (VSO). Taylor took on this role on June 1, 2021, and is eager to help connect our veterans with the various federal and state veterans’ benefits they have earned through their military service. Taylor has a list of all veterans residing in Union County and is seeking ways to inform them about the benefits available to service personnel and their spouses and caregivers.

Head, Heart, Hands, and Health

Union County 4-H representative on the bottom right photo'd with other All Star members from across the state

Hello! My name is Kaleb Hanna. I am Union County 4-H's Healthy Living Ambassador, Honor Club President, and All-Star Eagle Scout. This year I once again attended the Tennessee 4-H Eastern Region All-Star Conference! Woah, what a mouthful!

Graves Serves up Some 4-H

My name is Natalie Graves and I am a 5th grade student in Union County 4-H. I titled my 4-H Project this year “Home Cooking”. The goal of my project was to cook a breakfast, a lunch, and a dinner for my family. I also hoped to learn new cooking skills and recipes during the course of my project. I cooked many meals for my family by myself and occasionally with my grandparents.

Tastes Like Chicken

I was so sheltered when I was growing up. Food sheltered that is. Our meals consisted of many things that were grown on my grandparents’ farm, including the beef from Papaw’s cows. But, the chicken, turkey, and pork came from the grocery store.