Arevalo School in Big Ridge

Arevelo School, built around 1940

Big Ridge Elementary School opened in 1960-1961 as the consolidated school assigned to receive Pine Grove students. Central View, Hickory Valley, Arevalo, and part of Burkhart were also included in the consolidation.
Arevalo Elementary School opened to students in 1st through 8th grade circa1924. Bonnie Heiskell Peters relates the origins of the name of the Arevalo School in Union County Schoolday Memories.

Congratulations to Van Richardson

Union County Extension is thrilled to announce that Van Richardson has won multiple awards at the 2024 Tennessee State Junior Beef Show this June!
These are spectacular accomplishments that are literally years in the making. Winning a Grand Champion award requires commitment, dedication, and perseverance. Winning a Grand Champion award 4-H member bred and raised the animal is amazing. Van’s hard work, dedication, and passion for the beef industry have truly paid off. At this prestigious event, he showcased exceptional talent and skill, earning accolades that reflect his commitment to excellence.

Chiropractic and Your Hips

Your hips, which bear considerable weight, can become painful as a result of injury or disease. They can also suffer from stress brought on by the improper alignment of other parts of the body. The hip joint, like the body’s other joints, is a point at which tendons, muscles and bones come together to allow particular movement. As with the other joints, the hips are susceptible to pain and discomfort.

Bearly Walking

It was one of those times when I had to do a double take. We were within a few miles from our house when Tim pointed and said: “Look, there’s a bear standing at the edge of the woods!” I have to admit that I was a little frightened at seeing one so close to my home. I don’t know about you, but back in the day, I don’t remember them being seen so far from The Smokey Mountains