Promote Literacy, Read to Your Children

Joannah Kadron and Kaleb Hanna promote Tennessee's Agriculture Literacy Week

Remember those cozy evenings as a child when your mother or grandma invited you up in the lap of her rocking chair and tucked you under a soft quilt that she had made with her own hands from old hand-me-downs. She would let you pick a favorite book or two and you would spend the evening reading, giggling, and creating memories, all the while you were inhaling undetected skills that you did not perceive to be a part of the experience. “It’s never too early to start reading to your kids,” shares UT Institute of Agriculture Assistant Dean and Professor, Dr. Matt Devereaux.

Maynardville Scouts at Jamboree

Phoenix Patrol at Stadium Show: Front row: Juju Hancock (CA), Jamie Myers (TN), Cameron Caulk (SC)
Second Row: Helen Parris (AL), Emily Bogan (NC), Kirstin Pfaltzgraff (SC), Kate Parris (AL), Chamberlain Chuchill (TX),
Back: Perrin Shell (TX) . . . and 45,000 other scouts.

Scouts and leaders from one hundred forty-three countries gathered in West Virginia for the 24th World Scout Jamboree. It has been more than fifty years since this event has been held in the United States. Four years ago, it was held in Japan, will be in Korea in four more years, then Brazil.

More than 45,000 Scouts from around the world gathered at the Summit Bechtel Scout Reserve near Beckley to “Unlock a New World” the theme of this year’s Jamboree.

UCHS Golfer Seth Bates Qualifies for Regional (again!)

Union County High School junior Seth Bates advanced to the Regional Golf Tournament for the third straight season. The student athlete from Plainview advanced out of the toughest district in the state to qualify for the regional tourney at Oak Ridge Country Club. Seth hopes to carry over his accomplishment in golf to a successful junior season in basketball for the Patriots. Great job, Seth!

by Coach Gary. D. Chandler and Coach Christian Chandler

The Great War In Union County

WWI: Neil Kirkpatrick

World War One had far-reaching impacts on American society and its citizens. Union County, Tennessee, was not excluded from these impacts. As we celebrate Veterans Day, we should all take time to remember those brave men who fought to "make the world safe for democracy," but also remember the citizens who suffered, worried and rationed to support the war effort.

There are many examples of such sacrifice. But, there are also examples of the joy these citizens felt when loved ones returned from the far-off battlefields of Europe.