UCHS Band students excel!

Quentin Carroll and Landyn Hobbins

There are many interesting people living in Union County. Some of them are senior citizens with fascinating tales to tell from their lives. I also discovered a couple of impressive people who are seniors at our Union County High School. I’ve known musicians most of my (long) life. Very seldom have I met one who also writes music. Landyn Hobbins has been doing this for years. He is a emotional writer who believes that music is something that everyone can relate to, and that music connects people - especially during emotional highs and lows.

Study Says Use of Chiropractic Care Is Associated With Significantly Lower Risk of Filling an Opioid Prescription

The burden of spinal pain can be aggravated by the hazards of opioid analgesics, which are still widely prescribed for spinal pain despite evidence-based clinical guidelines that identify non-pharmacological therapies as the preferred first-line approach. Previous studies have found that chiropractic care is associated with decreased use of opioids, but have not focused on older Medicare beneficiaries, a vulnerable population with high rates of co-morbidity and polypharmacy.

Somebody's Knocking

As we say around here: “w\What runs in your family?” For some it’s music and others it may be sports. For my family, it’s strange stories.
My Mamaw Jo used to cringe as she told this story. One day she and Mamaw Girdle/Myrtle were busy cleaning house when they heard the old clock upstairs chime. Both of them were startled. It wasn’t because they didn’t realize the time. It was because the clock was broken and hadn’t worked for years. Mamaw Jo thought it was pretty, so she hadn’t thrown it away. Immediately Mamaw Girdle/Myrtle said: “Something is going to happen.” Shortly after that, ...


I was at the Union County Opry last Saturday. I was there to help sell concessions for the Union County Lions Club. I struck up a conversation with Debra Keck about all the rain we had received the previous week. That rain prevented me from mowing my yards. Now, on this lovely, sunshiny Saturday, I had been occupied all day with preparing for concession sales.