The honorable jared effler to lead tennessee district attorneys

8th District Attorney General to join Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference Executive Committee 
CAMPBELL, CLAIBORNE, FENTRESS, SCOTT and UNION COUNTIES, Tenn. (June 20, 2022) – Jared Effler, 8th District Attorney General, has been elected by fellow members of the Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference (TNDAGC) to serve on the organization’s Executive Committee. In this position, Effler will have a vital voice in guiding the overall administration of justice in Tennessee.  

Back pain and the opioid epidemic

The opioid epidemic has led many respected health groups to reconsider the value of a conservative approach to low back pain (the most common condition for which opioids are prescribed). Most notably, the American College of Physicians (ACP), the largest medical-specialty society in the world, updated its low back pain treatment guideline to support a conservative approach to care.


I love to play with words. Hence the word “Sandruff.” Think you know what it means? Let’s find out.
When Sara first started playing softball, her position was in outfield. Eventually, she was moved to the position of catcher, which excited her. I can see why. Infield is where most of the action is. And unfortunately, the sand.