Fashion and Design Stitched into a 4-H Conference

Khilee Cochran at 4-H Fashion and Design Conference 2021

By Gracie Tindell

Hello, my name is Gracie Tindell, I am a 7th grader in Union County. I was able to attend the fashion and design conference at the UT campus n June with fellow Union County 4-Her Khilee Cochran. We spent the day with other
4-H'ers from surrounding counties. We had many projects to accomplish in our time at fashion and design. There were teachers attending who are experienced in the fashion and design industry. They were able to speak on many different topics and give us insights.

Godzilla and Mamaw Jo

When I was around thirteen years old, I decided I wanted my own pet lizard. So, my parents took me to a pet store where I picked out a cute little gecko. And as you can tell by the title, I named it Godzilla. I thought it was funny, but I didn’t realize how apt the name would become.

The Older I Get

There once was a man who said he was going to have his patience tested. (I was positive from his demeanor that he would test negative.) I have been told that I have the patience of Job, but it seems that this year in particular my patience has been pushed to its extreme outer limits on a few occasions. Perhaps this comes as a natural part of the aging process. Having never been in my upper 50s before, I have no frame of reference.