Impossible turkey pie

Do you remember when Bisquick came out with several "impossible pie" recipes? They are super easy to do. However, I had forgotten about them until I was going through my recipe file a while back. I found this one. It's easy . I hope you'll try it.

Talking Wild Turkey

Turkeys have been in the Americas for a very long time. Fossil records show they were around 11 million years ago and were likely distributed continuously from middle latitudes of North America to northern South America during the Pleistocene Era. The Aztec Indians were the first to domesticate the bird, and it became an important staple to their diet. The Navajo gave up on keeping them away from their scanty desert corn crops, and instead began feeding the turkeys and fence them in. The invading turkeys unwittingly provided a dependable source of protein and ornamental feathers.

Veteran’s Day at Union County High School

Union County High School Veterans Day Celebration draws a crowd. Photo Credit: Helina Bailey

If you attended the Veteran’s Day Celebration at Union County High School this month, you know that the auditorium was full. The walls were lined with faculty and visitors, as the student body filled up most of the seating. Everyone present was eagerly looking towards the stage, giving their full attention to the string of speakers paying homage to our nation’s heroes.

High School Students Raise Trout

Service learners and Mr. Edwards show off their trout tank and the beginning stages of their aquaponic system. Photo Credits: Helina Bailey

Union County High School is buzzing with excitement as students work on various projects throughout the campus. I visited the school this week to introduce myself to the staff and was given a little tour, to see the various departments. While I was there, I stopped by the agriculture department and met with Mr. Edwards, who has recently taken over one of the agriculture classes.