A Moment of Silence

Archie Wilson

Revelation 8:1
“And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.”

I’ve had enough! I am about sick and tired of all of this politically correct nonsense going on in our country. At the writing of this article, I have just returned from a high school graduation ceremony. It is past midnight, and I can’t sleep until I write this article.


Watering Trees

Water is a critical requirement for all plants, and they need a lot of it. Pulling water in from the soil through the roots is not only how plants get water, but also how they obtain the nutrients they need to grow, which is dissolved and suspended in soil water. Each day they take in a great deal of water through their roots, sift out the nutrients, and then release it as vapor through their leaves in a process called transpiration.

Plainview Springfest Fires Up the Fun

Left to Right Jason Ereth and Mark England

The Luttrell Volunteer Fire Department hosted a fun-packed day at the Annual Plainview Spring Fest on Saturday, May 18. From 9:00am to 5:00pm, partakers could stop in at the Plainview Community Center for entertainment, vendors, auctions, children’s activities, delicious food, and even a visit to Snow Cone Eddie.

Farm Bureau Presents Scholarships

Scholarship recipients left to right: Ethan Dyer, Sawyer Henderson, Zachary Hickman

The May board meeting for Union County Farm Bureau was packed with excitement. Three scholarships were awarded as well as a presentation by State 4-H Council members and Tennessee 4-H Congress attendees.

More Adults Using Complementary and Alternative Medicine For Back Pain

Use of practitioner-led complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), such as acupuncture, massage, osteopathy and chiropractic treatment, rose from 12 percent of the population in 2005 to 16 percent of the population in 2015, according to a new survey. The survey asked adults about their CAM use in the last 12 months. Out of a representative sample of 4,862 respondents aged 15 and over, 766 (16%) said they had seen a CAM practitioner.


There it was the Fall of 2016. The World Series had been over for a while. Baseball wouldn't resume until April. Meanwhile, I noticed that football fans seemed to be the same sort of fanatics as baseball fans, maybe more so. I decided to find out what was so special about football. This episode is the story of my beginning down the road of understanding football. I have far to go.

Not Pretty, But Honest

Ronnie Mincey

Mincey’s Musings
Year Two, Week Nineteen

In one of my favorite episodes of Bonanza, Hoss Cartwright is in jail, having been arrested for stealing a horse of a murdered man suspected to have had lots of money. The townspeople keep asking Hoss what he did with the money. With increasing frustration, he tells them he knows nothing about any money. In one scene, the preacher asks Hoss if he can help him in any way.

These Shoes Please

It fills me with dread. Every time I’m out with my mom and there’s a “Clearance” sign, I know it’s time to find a seat somewhere and wait, and wait, and wait.

My mom is the kind of shopper that doesn’t like to leave a stone unturned. But when she sees a "Clearance" sign, it's worse. Usually, she finds some items she likes and she’ll carry them around while doing her second run through.

Tree Plumbing

If you paid attention in health class you know that our body needs to move materials around to function properly, such as oxygen. The transportation system is the bloodstream, which utilizes red blood cells as a bucket brigade, going to the lungs via veins to pick up oxygen, and carrying it to various body locations via arteries. A tree has similar needs and uses a liquid transportation system.


Lemon Meringue Dessert

Here is a variation on a lemon meringue pie I hope you will try. So, you have problems with pie crust? This crust can't go wrong. Just stir up the ingredients and press into the bottom of the pan. Cook the filling and top the crust with it. Spread with meringue and pop it in the oven. There you have it. A nice easy version of a lemon meringue pie. Also, you can get up to 15 servings out of the pan.


The Great Skunk Delivery

Skunk. Picture courtesy of Pixabay.

My son, Tommy, worked for Domino’s back in the mid-90s, to earn money to attend the University of Tennessee. He had an old Dodge sedan my brother had fixed up for him, and a good memory of the neighborhoods of Athens. It wasn’t a bad job; he got a salary and tips.

Don't You Feel Small?

The Hubble Legacy Field

The Hubble Legacy Field

I’ve always been in awe of the heavens above me on a dark, clear night. The majesty of the brilliant points of light that make up the starry canopy above our planet is enough to take your breath away, if you pause long enough to appreciate it. Try to count the visible starts in the night sky. If you are far enough away from city lights, the task soon becomes impossible as you lose your place while finding dimmer objects in between the brighter ones.

Sewing Community Seeds

Front: Kirra and Peyton Duncan, age 8 and 10; Back: Judi Gerew, Judy Duncan and Mary Johnson stand below “Grandmother’s Jumping Jacks,” the paper-pieced quilt the five created and bestowed to the book station. Fabric for the quilt was donated by Nancy Sullivan and Penny Westrick.

There was street parking only for most of the morning on May 11, when the Sharps Chapel community came together to celebrate a long-anticipated event at the Historic Oak Grove School, now home to the Sharps Chapel Book Station.

Norris Lake Quilting Bee members Mary N. Johnson, Emily Lemming, Rita Poteet, Nancy Sullivan, Judi Gerew, Rebecca Miller, Janet Pauciulo, along with three Sharps Chapel residents, Kirra, Judy and Peyton Duncan made a decision to dive headfirst into a community project.

Computers Can Be a Real Pain in The Neck

It’s a posture so common we almost don’t notice it anymore: someone sitting at a computer, jutting his or her head forward to look more closely at the screen. But this seemingly harmless position compresses the neck and can lead to fatigue, headaches, poor concentration, increased muscle tension and even injury to the vertebrae over time. It can even limit the ability to turn your head.

Creation Delivers God's Message continued

Archie Wilson

The Courtship
Bringing all the covenant imagery to life in Jesus Christ.
(NOTE: This is part 3 on this subject. The last article in this series was published on 04/30/2019)

Revelation 21:9
“And there came unto me one of the seven angels which had the seven vials full of the seven last plagues, and talked with me, saying, Come hither, I will shew thee the bride, the Lamb's wife.”


Fallen Baby Birds

Sometimes you find an immature bird that has fallen out of the nest, which can happen in the spring when the birds are old enough to move around in the nest but too young to fly. Their flopping about sometimes puts them on the ground and in serious trouble. So what to do?


Church Humor

Ronnie Mincey

Mincey’s Musings
Year Two, Week Eighteen

One has to be careful when typing or texting, especially when texting. Sometimes the auto-correct on Facebook can get a person in trouble, like the preacher who once texted me that he was sitting on his deck; unfortunately, auto-correct changed the vowel in the word “deck”. The message that came to me, though totally unintended, was hilarious, and provided my soon-to-be-deceased stepson one of his last moments of hilarity. I never told the preacher of his mishap.

Making Dirt Taste Good

Believe it or not, this old tomboy is a pretty decent cook. Most people don’t expect a girl who grew up wrestling and playing ball to be able to prepare scrumptious food. You see, I had the advantage of learning from two awesome southern cooks: my Mamaw Myrtle/Girdle and my Mamaw Jo.

Mamaw Myrtle/Girdle was more of a “fancy” cook; whereas, Mamaw Jo cooked with a country flair. I still use a combination of their different methods, but there was one thing they both agreed on: bacon grease could make dirt taste good.

Great Smoky Mountain National Park; or preaching to the choir...

Rushing stream in the Smokies.

In my personal opinion, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the most fascinating places on Earth. I have been there more times than I can recall and learned many things each time I went. I learned about the rocks, the animals, about the different types of flowers and trees, and I learned about the people who once called this area home. I learned that after a hip replacement surgery, I could walk all the way up to the Mount LeConte lookout. I was tired, but I had done it! At times it was like a home away from home.