Tater Valley Nursery

Debbie and Dale Corum at Tater Valley Nursery

Debbie and Dale Corum at Tater Valley Nursery

What is now known as the Tater Valley Nursey started out as a family farm 100 years ago. Located at 509 Tater Valley Rd in Luttrell, TN, the Tater Valley Nursey offers geraniums in several colors, hanging baskets, ferns and a wide variety of vegetable plants.
Dale and Debbie Corum opened their greenhouse in 1996 on their family farm where they also have Angus cattle and a flock of chickens. Dale built 2 greenhouses and later added 2 more for a total of 10,000 sq. ft. of heated growing space with automatic waterers.

Celebrating All the Mommas

A mom is an exceptional human being. She is defined as a woman in relation to a child, but to be a mother is distinctively more than a mere relationship. A mother is the person a family relies on to make plans, hold things together, know where all the things are and to be the rock. And a true mother lives to fulfill these needs to her deepest effort.

A Messy Mother’s Day

My mom, Gail Bradley, my daughter Sara, and myself.

I got up and stumbled toward the coffee pot. Lying on the kitchen table was a sweet Mother’s Day card and two bags of my favorite chocolate. Tim has done that since I was carrying Sara. He had to work that day, so he left my goodies on the table while I was still asleep.

I guess that made him my Santa because I squealed like a little kid on Christmas morning and tore into one of the bags. I drank some hot coffee and savored my chocolate. I had no idea that would be the best part of my whole day.

A Mother's Heart

I thank you God for blessing me with Sara my daughter.
You knew her when you were separating the Earth from the water.

The laughing smile on her face,
Is a reflection of Your loving grace.

When I hear the wonderful sound of her happy laughter,
I thank you God for the blessing of being her mother.

It is a blessing to be able to hold her in my arms,
Where she is protected from the world’s harms.

I wish that I could make all the bad things go away.
So, I pray to God to protect her along life’s way.

Courtroom Cinders

Ronnie Mincey

Mincey’s Musings
Year Two, Week Sixteen

In an article published in the Knoxville News Sentinel on April 26, 2019, writer Brittany Crocker reported the Loudon County Courthouse fire, noting in the title to her article that “Fire Once Leveled Another Historic East Tennessee Courthouse, Taking Everything With It”.

Who is Your Focus On

Archie Wilson

Galatians 1:6
“I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel:”

I started to title this article “Where is your focus?”. However, after reflecting about what the Apostle Paul was communicating to the people which lived in the country of Galatia nearly 2,000-years ago, it became apparent that it was not a where question! If we believe Jesus “saved us”, then it must be a question about who is your focus on and not where is your focus. All the Gospel is a question of who and the answer to any who question about the Truth is always Jesus! Let me explain.


It’s Not a Lettuce Keeper – It’s CRISPR


CRISPR, as illustrated by Ernesto del Aguila III, NHGRI. This image is in the public domain.

CRISPR (pronounced “crisper”) is an acronym. It stands for “Clusters of Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats.” Don’t worry. I don’t understand that either. The real story about what CRISPR is and what it can do is a lot more interesting than that terminology might suggest. Scientists were smart to come up with a clever, pronounceable acronym. Otherwise, it would be a lot harder to get those of us who are not genetic engineers to pay attention to their research.

HMMS Student Writers

Red Devils Baseball Lose in a Close Game Against Campbell County. The Red Devils traveled to Campbell County on April 17. Trot Russell started out on the mound and lasted 3 innings, but was relieved by Eben Hansen in the fourth inning after giving up 2 runs to tie the game at 5. The two teams were tied going into the last inning. Hansen started the 5th with a walk and a double with no outs. Red Devils chose to load the bases with the #4 hitter up. Hansen struck the next batter out but then lost the next batter to a walk that was resulting in Campbell County winning with a walk-off base on balls. With Campbell County scoring a walk-off, the Devils lost 5-6. The Devils did not have a strong offense, nor did they have a strong defense.


The Moron Brothers Bring Comedy and Music to the Union County Opry

Moron Brothers

The Moron Brothers will be coming to Union County Opry May 4, 2019

The Moron Brothers will perform on stage at the Union County Opry for the first time this Saturday at the Union County High School Auditorium. Doors open at 6PM and the show will start at 7PM sharp.

It's Clover Bowl Time in Tennessee

Winning 5th grade team from Sharps Chapel Elementary - L to R - Bailey Capps, Graciella Linkous, Brason Roark, Troy Ellison

Clover Bowl is an interactive contest used to acquaint 4-H members with themselves and their surroundings through participating in an enjoyable and educational program. In addition to this main purpose, it is hoped that this program will help participants develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. Information for questions are in the areas of 4-H, Tennessee (history, geography, and government), agriculture, life skills, and science.

Opioids Slow Return to Work After Work-Related Low-Back Injuries

Some reports blame opioid use for part of the decline in labor force participation among adult men. Estimates based on workers’ compensation data shed light on the relationship between opioid prescriptions and the return to work among people who suffer work-related low-back injuries, for which opioid use is common. Differences in opioid prescribing patterns across locations demonstrate how various use of these medications can impact how quickly workers return to work.

Dirt and Grape Bubble Gum

I don’t know about you, but I remember smells better than I do anything else. One of my favorites was from the softball field. Yes, the softball field.

Second base was my position and I absolutely loved it. For one, it was awesome to stand next my base on cool spring evenings when a light breeze would blow through the infield, raising up the dust. And of course, almost every girl on the team was chewing a mouthful of grape bubble gum.

Conservative Consuming Creates Cash

Earth Day was April 22nd and it continues to be an annual reminder that we humans impact the planet’s resources in negative ways. And since our population continues to grow and most resources are finite, it would behoove us to save some for the grandkids on down the road. Doing so includes a personal reward of conserving both resources and money. Here are some ways to do it.

Faucet Fix: Many modern faucets include aerators, which simply add bubbles to the water to increase its volume. If you have old ones, aerators can be added so you use 50% less water.


The Trip Back Home and Beyond

We spent the night at that hilltop motel on U. S. 44 near St. Louis, Missouri. The next day my car was delivered back to the motel. They said the carburetor was packed with fibers. They didn't know where they came from. Removed, the car was ready for the trip back home. Since the car was still under warranty, there was no charge.

Music - All Good, No Bad, and Certainly Not Ugly

One of Mancini's most famous works. Picture courtesy of Adrienne Arsht Center

Seeing “The Cradle of Country Music” on the banner of the newspaper made me think of my own tastes in music. I am not a musician. I couldn’t play chopsticks on a kid’s toy piano if someone had a gun to my head, but I know what I like to hear. I do enjoy country artists like Dolly Parton, the Oak Ridge Boys, or the Statlers. I also like some of the ‘good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll of four or five decades ago, but what I really like are instrumentals, specifically instrumental soundtracks.

Fibonacci - It's as Easy as 1,1,2,3

The Golden Spiral

The Fibonacci Sequence as Illustrated by the Golden Spiral

No, that’s not a typo. The numbers you see in the headline for this article are the first four numbers of the magical, mystical, and truly weird Fibonacci sequence. Here’s how it works.

Every number in the sequence is the sum of the previous two numbers. You have to start somewhere – and one is a great place to start anything, right? There’s nothing before one except zero, so if you add zero plus one you get one again. That’s why the first two numbers are both one. (Zero is mathematically a part of the equation, but most of the time you will see the sequence starting with one.)