Shirley McMurtrie

Cucumber and Onion Salad

In the summertime, fresh from the garden, Mother would stir up a cucumber and onion salad. She never put sugar in her dish. I do. She combined vinegar, salt and water with the sliced cucumbers and onions. Mother never used sour cream in anything. We didn't have a refrigerator back in the day.

Going to school almost a century ago

I started school eighty-six years ago. I was four years old. We lived in a tenant house on the farm owner’s land. Dad earned forty dollars a month milking cows and working in the fields. The Great Depression was well under way. Farm work was the only job Dad could find. He had worked previously as a lineman, setting poles and stringing telephone wire. Most country people didn’t have phones until them.

Cabbage And Noodles

I bet you have never heard of this combination: cabbage and noodles. Surprise. It tastes great. Of course you can gussy it up with leftovers, such as crumbled sausage patties or links, crumbled hamburger patties, crumbled small slice of meatloaf. 2 or 3 tablespoons cottage cheese , etc. One of these can be added when the noodles are included in the cooking process.

Our 1965 Oldsmobile

Okay, that crumbled- rusted -fender Edsel was history. We were tired of hearing the lame jokes about Edsels. Most of them were not very nice. We needed a new car. This time we would stick with a well-established brand. Our adventure down the side street of "New! New! New!" was over. Dad had been smart enough not to get sucked in by the hype over the Tucker car. We should have learned from his experience that "Buyer Beware!" was more than just an idle threat. But Dad was gone to his reward and we were slow in wising up.

Olympic Golf

This afternoon I was watching golf, part of the Olympics in Japan. What I know about golf you could inscribe on the head of a pin. I’m not interested in knowing any more. I watched it with the sound off. It was funny that way.

Abnormal Psych Instructor

At the beginning of my first class in college, the instructor drew two circles on the chalkboard; one huge one and a tiny circle above it. He explained that most of humanity fits in the large circle. College educated people were in the small circle. We were in the small one, he said. Ok, but there are some mighty strange ones on our circle. let me explain.

Shooting pool

In the past, there were movies about pool sharks. They all seemed to be dubious characters on the fringe of society. I haven't seen such a movie lately. Pool halls were a thing of the past, located on side streets in the poorer section of town. The men knew where they were.