Dollar Tree coming to Plainview

Plainview is one step away from approval for a Family Dollar/Dollar Tree at Corryton Road and Tazewell Pike.
In January, Stewart Skeen, who oversees city codes enforcement, and Josh Collins, of the planning commission, met with the developer to ensure that all requirements were understood and being met. After that meeting, the developer submitted a detailed plat.

Plainview honors its founders, uses grant funds

Plainview Mayor Gary Chandler displays the Founders Plaque.

At the December meeting of the Plainview Board of Aldermen, Mayor Gary Chandler presented a plaque to be hung on the community building wall that honors the founders of the City of Plainview. The plaque pays tribute to Albert Thomas, Billy Sexton, Janie Frazier, Jeff Collins, John Seltzer, Judy Brantley, Ruth Collins, Terry Hill, Thomas Keaton, Walter (Junior) Wolfe, Sr., and Wayne Roach for their leadership given to the founding of Plainview. Plainview became a city on September 11, 1992.

Plainview growing, Satterfield honored

David Williams, Plainview Planner, and Stewart Skeen, Zoning Officer, review the requests for property changes.

After the Plainview Planning Commission and the Plainview Board of Aldermen adjourned their respective meetings, attendees celebrated Betty Satterfield's birthday. Betty was the city recorder for many years from the founding of Plainview until her retirement. Betty is 89 years young.

Plainview seats aldermen

Alderman Josh Collins receives the oath of office from Mayor Gary Chandler of Plainview.

Mayor Gary Chandler administered the oath of office and seated two aldermen at the Plainview Board of Aldermen meeting in July. Josh Collins and Richard Phillips were re-elected to four-year terms. Collins is the owner of Collins Insurance and Phillips is retired and serves as the vice mayor of Plainview.
During the business session, the board approved the purchase of a new 90 hp John Deere Tractor with four wheel drive, an air conditioned cab, and a five-foot side mowing deck. The new tractor will make mowing the roadsides much easier according to Phillips.

Plainview honors its oldest veteran, Mr. Joe Roberts

Jeff Collins presents a plaque from the City of Plainview to Corporal Joe Roberts( Retired) of the United States Marine Corps, Plainview's oldest veteran.

At the June meeting, the City of Plainview honored its oldest veteran, Joe Roberts.
Jeff Collins did the honors of presenting Mr. Roberts with a plaque that noted his exemplary service in the Marine Corps during WWII.
Joe entered the war and saw action in the Pacific Theater, including Kwajalein and Guam, as a corporal in the 5th Amphibious Corps of the 3rd Marine Division. He was an MP when he was honorably discharged in 1945 at the end of the war.

Plainview purchases a new utility truck

Plainview utility truck

Vice Mayor Rchard Phillips stands beside Plainview's 2022 Ford 250 utility truck. The truck will be used to oversee roadside mowing and routine building maintenance.

The City of Plainview introduced its new utility truck at the May meeting of the Plainview Board of Aldermen. The new three-quarter ton truck is a 2022 Ford 250 with 4-wheel drive and the latest in electronic and safety enhancements. According to Vice Mayor Richard Phillips, the new one replaces a truck that is 22 years old and will be a welcome addition to the maintenance vehicles. The old truck was declared surplus and will be sold.

Plainview amends subdivision regulation, installs officers

Mayor installs a police qfficer

Plainview Mayor Gary Chandler administers the oath to Deputy Jonathan Brogan.

At the close of the public hearing on Resolution R-2022-01 to amend the subdivision regulations, the City of Plainview Municipal Planning Commission voted to reduce the asphalt binder from 2.5 inches to 2 inches and leave the topcoat at 1.5 inches at its regular meeting on April 12.

Plainview considers subdivision regulation change

Man listening at a meeting

Stewart Skeen, Codes Enforcement Officer for Plainview, listens as Chris Tolliver (not pictured) explains the road construction plan for Plainview Acres.

The Plainview Planning Commission and the Board of Aldermen considered several business items at their March meeting. The City of Plainview Planning Commission will change its subdivision regulations for roads to require a 2-inch asphalt binder instead of the stated 2.5 inch asphalt binder.
The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing before their meeting at 6:30 p.m. on April 12 to hear public comments regarding the proposal. The commission agreed to consider the change upon the recommendation of the codes enforcement officer and the city planner.

Radar speed signs keeping Plainview safe

Policeman seated and speaking at a meeting

Chief Brandon Ford explains the statistics captured from the radar speed signs recently installed in Plainview.

Plainview has plenty of curvy roads and has installed some rdar speed signs to remind everyone to slow down and avoid an accident. Chief Brandon Ford reported in the January meeting of the Board of Aldermen that the radar speed signs recently installed on two roads in the City of Plainview seem to be encouraging drivers to obey the posted speed limit, The sign located in Whispering Pines where the speed limit is 20 mph yielded data showing the average speed since December 14 to be 22.29 mph with only two of the 5,394 cars traveling over 40 mph.

Plainview Awards Scholarship

Picture of three males with the one in the middle receiving a certificate for a scholarship for high school achievement

Mason Weaver receives the City of Plainview Academic Scholarship for 2021. Pictured are Vice Mayor Richard Phillips, Mason Weaver, and Mayor Gary Chandler.

The City of Plainview awarded its 2021 Academic Achievement Scholarship to Mason Weaver. The annual scholarship for $500 is given to the graduating senior with the highest grade point average who resides in Plainview. Mayor Chandler congratulated Mason for his outstanding academic achievement and and thanked his parents for all of their support for him.

Called to Serve and Protect - Eddie Muncey, Plainview Chief of Police

One of Plainview Chief of Police Eddie Muncey’s favorite activities as a young boy was playing baseball and, like many young boys, he dreamed of being a professional baseball player.
Muncey also had a great admiration for police officers and was enthralled with the lights, the sirens, and the dignity of the uniform. Growing up in Union County Muncey played baseball until high school when his priorities changed and his new passion was to get a set of wheels. He got his first job at Hensley’s IGA and with his earnings bought his first pickup truck.

Plainview cancels December city meetings

Out of concern for the rise in COVID-19 cases and the need to keep its citizens safe, the City of Plainview is canceling the December meeting for the Board of Aldermen (City Council), the Planning Commission, and the Neighborhood Watch. Municipal Court will meet as usual during December and January.
Senior Brunch is canceled until the Governor's Emergency Order expires.
Regular meetings will resume with the Planning Commission and the Board of Aldermen on Tuesday, January 12, 2021, and the Neighborhood Watch on Thursday, January 21.

Chief representative of the people

Plainview Mayor Gary D Chandler

Career Trend, an online resource that discusses duties of elected and appointed city officials (for anyone entertaining the notion of serving), describes small town mayors as the Chief Representative of the People.
That description is quite fitting of the Mayor of Plainview, Gary D. Chandler. Having an interest in making his community better, Chandler began serving as Plainview City Alderman in 2003. He was elected Plainview City Mayor 10 years ago and is currently serving his third term. Chandler is the third mayor to serve the City of Plainview in its 28-year history.

Plainview seats elected officials

Mayor Gary Chandler has his right hand raised and is reciting the oath of office with Vice Mayor is holding a Bible with the Mayor's left hand lying on the Bible.

Mayor Gary Chandler takes the oath of office to start his third term as Mayor of Plainview while Vice Mayor Richard Phillips assists.

City Judge Darrick Edmondson administered the oath of office to Mayor Gary Chandler, Alderman Gordon Bright, and Alderman Rebecca Lock at the July meeting of the Board of Aldermen.
Chandler and Bright are incumbents while Lock is a newcomer who takes the seat voluntarily vacated by Marilyn Toppins at the end of her appointed term.

Skylar Bates receives 2020 Plainview Scholarship

Picture of Mayor Gary Chandler awards the Plainview Scholarship for Academic Achievement to Skylar Bates

Mayor Gary Chandler awards the Plainview Scholarship for Academic Achievement to Skylar Bates

The City of Plainview made several donations at its June 2020 Board of Aldermen meeting. Mayor Gary Chandler awarded the Plainview Scholarship in the amount of $500 for outstanding academic achievement to Skylar Bates for having the highest grade point average as a graduating senior who resides in Plainview.

Drive Safely in Plainview

Plainview Board of Alderman discuss safe neighborhoods.

Plainview Police Chief Eddie Muncey encourages all drivers to watch for children playing in our neighborhoods. Muncey stressed the importance of obeying the 20 mph speed limit. Mayor Gary Chandler responded to a concerned parent that some better signs may be needed. Alderman Gordon Bright echoed Muncey's comments and stated that the signs that say “We love our kids” might help. Muncey reminded everyone that his department would be more vigilant, randomly check each neighborhood, and write more tickets for speeders.

Plainview City Council Met June 11, 2019

Plainview sign

Call to Order 7:05 PM by Mayor Chandler
Prayer by Gordon Bright
Present: Mayor Chandler, Vice-Mayor Phillips, Aldermen Josh Collins, Marilyn Toppins, Gordon Bright
Reading of Previous Minutes by Mary Ann Brantley. Two name corrections were made. Motion by Marilyn Toppins, Second by Richard Phillips to approve with corrections.
Regional Director of Census Kimberly Smith presented information on the procedures and importance of reporting the upcoming 2020 Census.