Plainview cemetery right of way issue continues

Mayor Gary Chandler listens as Commissioner Josh Collins explains the location of the new cemetery right of way on Periwinkle Road.

Joy Wallace again appeared before the Plainview Planning Commission on April 9. After she expressed her gratitude, she noted that she had consulted with relatives of persons buried in the Elbert Wyrick Cemetery, owners of plots yet to be used, public officials, as well as Eddie Perry, who submitted the development plat to Plainview in 2021 that ultimately labeled the cemetery right of way abandoned.

Paris McBee, Plainview Patriarch, Retires

Paris McBee with the plaque from the City of Plainview.

“He was here at the inception of the City of Plainview,” proclaimed Vice Mayor Richard Phillips as the City of Plainview recognized Paris McBee for his dedication and service that has spanned over 32 years. McBee set a standard of high work ethics and insisted on quality work performance that has made Plainview what it is today. His emphasis on training ensured that those who followed his retirement would continue his legacy.

Plainview citizens object to closure of cemetery right of way

Concerned citizens packed the Plainview Planning Commission Meeting to object to the closure of a dedded right of way to two adjacent cemeteries off of Tazewell Pike.

Over two dozen citizens attended the Plainview Planning Commission on Tuesday, March 12. They wanted to know who was responsible for closing a nearly 100 year old deeded right of way from Tazewell Pike to the adjoining cemeteries, Elbert Wyrick Cemetery and Clear Branch Cemetery. A descendent had attempted to visit one of the cemeteries and found the right of way blocked by a massive wooden fence and a concrete driveway. When the descendent asked how she was to visit the cemetery, she apparently was told that a new right of way had been constructed from the new road, Periwinkle Drive.

Plainview discusses snow removal, retains Edmondson

Vice Mayor Richard Phillips

Vice Mayor Richard Phillips explains the plan for snow removal in Plainview.

The City of Plainview Board of Aldermen discussed how to clear the roads of snow and ice at its December and January meetings. Becky Munsey made the request during a public forum.
Vice Mayor Richard Phillips chaired the meeting on January 9, and reported that negotiations were ongoing to contract with Luttrell City to brine or clear the Plainview Roads. Phillips is also exploring other methods to address the issue of snow and ice.

Plainview installs new radio antenna

New radio antenna for Plainview Police in Tennessee

Wendell Wise is climbing the ladder to position the new radio antenna for the Plainview Police Department. Lynn Van Dyke steadies the ladder while Steve Brantley supervises from the ground.

The Plainview Police Department will have better radio communication this year. Plainview Maintenance Department installed a new antenna at the Plainview City Hall last Tuesday, January 30, 2024. According to Vice Mayor Richard Phillips, the antenna was a planned upgrade included in the current city budget.

Plainview opens new fire station addition

Plainview aldernen and LVFD at new firestation addition

Plainview aldermen and LVFD at the opening of the new fire station addition. Front: Blake Crowe, Captain Derrick Whiteaker, Captain Kyle Stallard, Vice Mayor Richard Phillips, and Alderman Rebecca Lock; back: John Sexton, Charlie Blakeman, Assistant Chief Justin Hensley, Chief Brad Woods, Mayor Gary Chandler, Alderman Gordon Bright and Ethan Hensley. Not pictured: Alderman Josh Collins

Plainview announced the opening of the new bay at the Plainview Fire Station on December 30. The new bay is large enough to accommodate a 3500-gallon pumper.
“Having this large of a bay opens up all kinds of possibilities for us,” commented Brad Woods, Chief of Luttrell Volunteer Fire Department.
Chief Woods further explained that this new bay means that structure fires can be fought in Plainview, Luttrell and especially in parts of the county where no hydrants exist with minimal transporting of water.

Plainview welcomes new planner

Jordan Rockwell, Plainview's new planner.

Plainview Planning Commission welcomed Jordan Rockwell, East Tennessee Development district Regional Planner, at its November meeting. Stewart Skeen, Codes Enforcement Officer, introduced Rockwell and noted that he is also the planner for Maynardville City.
Skeen reported that he did not write any building permits for October, but fielded numerous phone calls and questions regarding new construction and zoning. He recommended changes to a couple of properties.

Plainview says no to tiny homes, yes to heavy trucks on Wolfe Road

Alderman Josh Collins explains why Plainview City can enforce weight limits on Wolfe Road.

Plainview City will not allow tiny homes to be built inside the city limits due to the passage of Ordinance #157 on its second reading at the September 12 meeting.
The ordinance does allow homes of at least 401 square feet, which is only one square foot more than the definition of a tiny home at 400 square feet.

Plainview passes dwelling ordinance

Plainview Mayor Gary Chandler and Alderman Gordon Bright study Ordinance #157 regarding dwellings in Plainview.

The Plainview Board of Aldermen passed Ordinance 157 to establish a minimum dwelling size and prohibit recreational vehicles as permanent dwellings on first reading at its August meeting.

Plainview commends UC Patriots baseball & track champions

Vice Mayor Richard Phillips, William Peck, Hunter Holloway, Ty Edds, Mayor Gary Chandler, Tanner Jones, Brandon Reed, Max Richardson, Alderwoman Rebecca Lock and Alderman Gordon Bright

During the summer meetings of the City of Plainview, Mayor Gary Chandler and the Plainview Board of Alderman honored the Union County High School Patriots baseball team and two members of the track team for their state titles.
In June, Mayor Chandler presented a proclamation to recognize the historic performance of the baseball team for winning the Division 1 Class 2A Tennessee State Championship. Team members William Peck, Hunter Holloway, Ty Edds, Tanner Jones, Brandon Reed, and Max Richardson proudly accepted the proclamation for the whole team.

Plainview City approves bid for fire station addition

Vice Mayor Richard Phillips, Alderman Josh Collins, Chief Brad Woods, Mayor Gary Chandler, Alderman Gordon Bright, and Alderman Rebecca Lock represent Plainview City to award $10,000 to LVFD.

Recently, the City of Plainview approved a bid for $150,000 to renovate the Plainview Fire Station by expanding one bay and adding an additional bay. The renovation is being done to accommodate the bigger engines that new standards have dictated.
The new addition will also include a restroom and office space. Kyle Beeler won the bid and will be performing the renovation. The work is expected to be finished in about two months.

Plainview awards scholarship, passes budget

Vice Mayor Richard Phillips reported to the Plainview Board of Alderman that he awarded a $500 scholarship to Delaney Weaver at the senior awards for having the highest GPA for a graduating senior who resides within the City of Plainview.
In the same meeting last month, the board learned that Margie Presley was hired as the building inspector as recommended.
The Police Report included 37 calls with three vehicle accidents, one pursuit, one runaway and 11 citations.

Plainview remembers Dave Williams, proclaims Crime Victims Week

Vice Mayor of Plainview Richard Phillips reads the
resolution passed by the Board of Aldermen to proclaim
April 23-29, 2023, as Crime Victims Week. Eighth District
Attorney Jared Effler sponsored the walk in cooperation
with the Maynardville Police Department on April 25 to
draw attention to the need for fair treatment of victims of
crime especially those that are victims of violent crimes
and the families of the victims.

Plainview Planning Commission and City of Plainview paid tribute to David Williams, the city planner, who died about a week before the meeting. Stewart Skeen, Plainview City Codes Zoning Officer, praised Williams for his depth of knowledge, his professionalism, but most of all for his ability to adapt complex issues to simple rules and explanations that a small city like Plainview could enforce.
Williams remarked many times how thoroughly he enjoyed working with his “friends in Plainview.” Jordan Rockwell will be the new planner.

Plainview sets budget workshop

Dave Johnson, Lynn Van Dyke, Steve Brantley and Vice Mayor Richard Phillips repair a drain damaged by heavy rains.

The Plainview City Board of Aldermen set March 20 as a workshop to discuss road improvements, building additions, police equipment upgrades, grants, and other budget concerns. To accommodate future building expansions, the board approved a resolution to set up a dedicated Capital Funds Account.
Chief Brandon Ford reported 41 calls, 7 speeding tickets, 2 citations for no insurance, 1 move-over violation, and 1 arrest so far in 2023. In February, the police answered 8 calls that included 3 wrecks.

Dollar Tree coming to Plainview

Plainview is one step away from approval for a Family Dollar/Dollar Tree at Corryton Road and Tazewell Pike.
In January, Stewart Skeen, who oversees city codes enforcement, and Josh Collins, of the planning commission, met with the developer to ensure that all requirements were understood and being met. After that meeting, the developer submitted a detailed plat.

Plainview honors its founders, uses grant funds

Plainview Mayor Gary Chandler displays the Founders Plaque.

At the December meeting of the Plainview Board of Aldermen, Mayor Gary Chandler presented a plaque to be hung on the community building wall that honors the founders of the City of Plainview. The plaque pays tribute to Albert Thomas, Billy Sexton, Janie Frazier, Jeff Collins, John Seltzer, Judy Brantley, Ruth Collins, Terry Hill, Thomas Keaton, Walter (Junior) Wolfe, Sr., and Wayne Roach for their leadership given to the founding of Plainview. Plainview became a city on September 11, 1992.

Plainview growing, Satterfield honored

David Williams, Plainview Planner, and Stewart Skeen, Zoning Officer, review the requests for property changes.

After the Plainview Planning Commission and the Plainview Board of Aldermen adjourned their respective meetings, attendees celebrated Betty Satterfield's birthday. Betty was the city recorder for many years from the founding of Plainview until her retirement. Betty is 89 years young.

Plainview seats aldermen

Alderman Josh Collins receives the oath of office from Mayor Gary Chandler of Plainview.

Mayor Gary Chandler administered the oath of office and seated two aldermen at the Plainview Board of Aldermen meeting in July. Josh Collins and Richard Phillips were re-elected to four-year terms. Collins is the owner of Collins Insurance and Phillips is retired and serves as the vice mayor of Plainview.
During the business session, the board approved the purchase of a new 90 hp John Deere Tractor with four wheel drive, an air conditioned cab, and a five-foot side mowing deck. The new tractor will make mowing the roadsides much easier according to Phillips.

Plainview honors its oldest veteran, Mr. Joe Roberts

Jeff Collins presents a plaque from the City of Plainview to Corporal Joe Roberts( Retired) of the United States Marine Corps, Plainview's oldest veteran.

At the June meeting, the City of Plainview honored its oldest veteran, Joe Roberts.
Jeff Collins did the honors of presenting Mr. Roberts with a plaque that noted his exemplary service in the Marine Corps during WWII.
Joe entered the war and saw action in the Pacific Theater, including Kwajalein and Guam, as a corporal in the 5th Amphibious Corps of the 3rd Marine Division. He was an MP when he was honorably discharged in 1945 at the end of the war.