Ed McNew

This picture of Ed McNew was given to Bill Beeler, husband of Mossie, of Sharps Chapel on April 10, 1926. When the picture was made, Ed and Bill were attending a Fiddler’s Convention at Knoxville. Bill stayed with the McNews at Knoxville. The note says Ed’s brother, Bill McNew, had had a gall bladder attack and was operated on April 9, 1926 when 201 gall stones were removed. On April 14, 1926, Bill McNew said he was getting along alright. What about another Fiddler’s Convention–this time in Union County?


Allen Wolfenbarger - Decorated Soldier

Allen Wolfenbarger

With World War II raging, Allen Francis Wolfenbarger was inducted into the United States Army on November 7, 1942, at Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. Allen was assigned to the 60th Infantry, 9th Division, 2nd Platoon. After one week he was transferred to Fort Hancock, New Jersey, for three months basic training. Upon completion of basic training he was transferred to Fort Meade, Maryland, and later departed New York Harbor on the Luxury Liner, The Queen Mary. This ship had been converted to a troop transport ship. After 16 rough days at sea he arrived in Europe.