Political Ads and Civic Duty

Like everyone else, I have been getting a great many political cards and letters of late. Most of these go into my recycle bin, but I got one today that intrigued me for all the wrong reasons. Let me call this candidate Jane Smith. (And I am not for or against her views; just bear with me here.)

Election Security – Can We Know That Our Votes Truly Count?

Absentee ballot box

With so much national attention on voting procedures and outcomes, I felt it timely to have a conversation with Deborah Viles, Administrator of Elections for the Union County Election Commission. She shares that the turnout of this election was the biggest turnout ever recorded in Union County, Tennessee. But before we get into the nitty-gritty of election regulations and procedures, let me introduce you to the woman responsible for seeing that our electoral process is carried out appropriately, because knowing and trusting her is key to trusting the process.