UT Extension

Call for pie bakers

Picture of a pie for pie contest

“Take a Country Road” to UT Extension Union County, 3925 Maynardville Highway, on Wednesday, September 29, and bring your best pie to enter the Union County Heritage Festival Pie Baking Contest.
UT Extension Union County will host the pie contest. Alyshia Victoria, Food and Consumer Science Agent, will be the coordinator.
Fruit, nut, and other are the categories. Winning pie bakers will receive cash prizes and ribbons.

Nourish Kids Kicks Off

UT Extension Union County Program Assistant presenting to UC youths about programs at the Union County Farmers Market

Join us on Saturday, May 22, as the Union County Farmers Market kicks off our Nourish Kids program. This will be the second season that the market has partnered with Nourish Knoxville to present this program. Through a grant, Nourish Knoxville has been able to assist markets like ours throughout East Tennessee, providing materials and Produce Bucks making this program possible.

4-H Excels in Preparing Youth to Speak Confidently

Jonathan Tindell, first place winner at the Eastern Region Subregional Public Speaking Contest

The Union County 4-H Public Speaking Contest allows youths to highlight their exceptional presentation abilities in a supportive environment. Youth learn from professionals as well as their fellow 4-H members.

Parenting Apart for Divorcing Parents

Divorce is a difficult and painful process for most people, even if they are able to get along. It is very hard for the children involved. Parents going through a divorce want to do the right things for their children. Sometimes they are so hurt and so busy with the legal details of the divorce that they are not aware of how the divorce is affecting their children.

Light Up Union County

A fond memory from my childhood is packing the whole family, and quite often several friends, into the vehicle nearing the Christmas season. All of us children, and our parents too, itching with excitement waiting on the darkness to fall so all of the dainty lights could glow through the car windows. Simple or extravagant, that did not matter. The cruising, the laughing, and the twinkle from those beautiful Christmas lights that we had looked so forward to admiring are a strong memory from our youth.

Farmers Market Expands to Chapel, Adds Activities

Here's some great news for folks in Sharps Chapel. The Union County Farmers Market is coming to you with fresh, local produce, noon to 2 p.m. every Wednesday, at the Sharps Chapel Senior Center.

"We have tossed it around for awhile," said Beth Bergeron of UT Extension. "We realized that there were some regulars (from Sharps Chapel) that we hadn't seen in two years. Apparently, Saturdays are not good for that particular community."

Bergeron said the Wednesday market will continue in the Chapel as long as there is interest.