Union County Opry

Passionate Pickin' at the Opry

Tim Shelton Syndicate played and sang with passion and emotion at the Union County Opry on August 5, 2023. The band opened with a fast paced song from their debut album titled Ain't got No Woman with Shelton carrying the melody. They followed with Middle Age Crazy by Jerry Lee Lewis. Then covered songs by Ralph Stanley and the Stanley Brothers. Joe Booher nailed Killin in Griffin and proceeded to wow the audience with his mandolin picking throughout the performance. Jr. Williams, who played guitar and banjo, owned Roving Gambler.

Pavilion opens at farmers market

Flashback Band performing at the opening of the Farmers market Pavilion

Flashback Band opens the pavilion at the Union County Farmers Market in Heritage Park

As of May 28, the Pavilion at Heritage Park, better known as the Farmers Market, is completely ready for use. From the lights in the rafters to the natural concrete floor, the place exudes practicality with a festive twist.
The stage, back dropped with a gigantic American flag, was framed by the cedar siding on the back wall. Commissioner Danny Cooke from the Union County Opry welcomed hundreds to the pavilion to eat Buddy’s Bar-B-Q and enjoy music by Flashback and Authentic Unlimited.

Bringing country home for Christmas

Stage decorated with trees and presents for Christmas with a band of musicians on stage

The Union County Opry Christmas show, "Bringing Country Home," brought love and hope to the audience.

Like a warm blanket of love, the Union County Opry wrapped the audience in Christmas cheer at the 2021 Christmas show, “Bringing Country Home.”
Singing and playing tunes from Elvis to the Eagles with a spice of Cajun and more than a sprinkle of nostalgia, musicians evoked dreams of the star, the tree, the gifts and the hope of the season.

Union County Scholar, Andrew Edmondson - Union County Opry Scholarship Recipient

Using Tennessee Promise and Scholarships as a Springboard to a Vocation! Pictured from left to right are: County Commissioners Sidney Jessee Jr. and Debra Keck presenting the check to Andrew Edmondson, with parents Beth and Kris Edmondson.

Andrew Edmondson, Union County High School Class of 2021 Graduate, applied for every scholarship he found available, including one offered by the Union County Opry, and his efforts truly paid off. Edmondson received several scholarships to cover most of the expense of attending college in the Fall. When asked what the requirements are for receiving scholarships, he chuckled, “I don’t really remember, I just took one of every scholarship application available and followed the instructions! It’s not really that hard; it tells you exactly what to do, you just have to do it.”

Jim Clayton – a legacy of success!

Jim Clayton - “First a Dream”

I would like to share a few experiences of the full and rich life of one of our most highly accomplished local residents, Jim Clayton. He is returning to his first love, music, and will join the Union County Opry Band for a live performance this Saturday. Clayton’s uncle gave him his first guitar on his sixth birthday, and he was in love! As he grew older, he idolized Eddie Arnold and wished to be like him; but God had better plans.

Union County Opry is back in 2021!

Last year on March 1st I was so happy to share the exciting news of the Union County Opry with our readers! I concluded the article with the news that I had a copy of their schedule on my refrigerator and was looking forward to catching some of their shows, inviting you to join me. Then the Coronavirus hit. Our world seemed to stop spinning as the pandemic raged on. I confess that it was an unreasonably long time before I could bear to remove that show lineup, well into the Fall, long after any hope was gone.

Development board to be busy in 2021

Commissioner Debra Keck

County Commissioner Debra Keck enlightens us regarding the Joint Economic Community Development Board (JECDB) and their current and upcoming plans and projects. I have known Debra Keck for years as Mayor Mike Williams’ assistant, and we interacted often, especially when working together on functions of the Chamber of Commerce and as members of the JECDB. Recently, Keck and I discussed the progress being made in Union County.

Historical Tribute Show - Union County Opry

Union County Opry

It begins on the night of Saturday, April 20, 2019 in the Union County High School Auditorium when the announcer introduces the Union County Opry Band to play a musical tribute to entertainers that have come from Union County including Lois Johnson, Carl Smith, Chet Atkins, Roy Acuff and Jim Wyrick. “The good Lord above has poured out a special bucket of talent on Union County,” said Danny Cooke.

Union County Opry

Union  County Opry

Maynardville is now home to The Union County Opry. Known as the Cradle of County Music, Union County is noted for its musical heritage; four of its sons are now known throughout the world–Roy Acuff, Chet Atkins, Carl Smith, and Kenny Chesney. Lois Johnson, Hilda Kitts Harrill, and Melba Kitts Greene are among its best known women entertainers (https://tennesseeencyclopedia.net/entries/union-county/).