Union County Commission

Some in Chapel concerned over chicken farm

Mary Johnson with Friends of the Chapel speaks about pharmaceutical chicken farm

Mary Johnson addressed the Union County Commission at its September 27 meeting regarding the construction of a pharmaceutical chicken farm by Alpes Sanfer, Inc., in Sharps Chapel.
The company would place eight barns with 9,000 chickens in each barn on one of the oldest farms in Sharps Chapel, according to Johnson. Sanfer will be developing pathogen-free eggs to be used in making vaccines. The facility will employ approximately 30 people at an hourly rate of $13 to $17 but have made no promise to hire Union County residents, according to Johnson.

Union County is growing

Growth was the theme of Mayor Jason Bailey in his report to Union County Commission at the regular August meeting.
Union County has grown by more than 500 according to the 2020 US Census. The growth of internet or broadband service will be the focus of the American Rescue Plan money in the amount of $1.9M.
Bailey is partnering with the Ayers Foundation, a non-profit, to work with Clinton Utility Board and LaFollette Utilities Board to provide broadband in Big Ridge and Speedwell with the goal of providing fiber based internet throughout Union County.

Commission ends budget struggle

Fourteen of 16 county commissioners attended the called Union County Commission meeting on June 14 to approve a budget for FY 22.
Following the lead of the Budget Committee, Commissioner Jody Smith offered a motion to accept the FY22 Budget as recommended by the Budget Committee, and Larry Lay provided a second.
Several commissioners commented on various aspects of the budget. Debra Keck, Janet Holloway, Earl Cox, Bill Cox, Sidney Jessee Jr. and Kenny Hill voiced concerns about cutting the funding for the Union County Historical Society as well as some fire protection.

Eddie Thompson recognized for service to veterans at commission meeting

Man giving a plaque to a veteran

Mayor Jason Bailey recognizes Eddie Thompson for his many years of outstanding service and dedication as the Union County Veterans Service Officer.

With the budget issues resolved, the regular Union County Commission meeting on June 28 covered a special recognition, a contract extension, and some 20 pages of FY 21 budget clean up to close out the fiscal year.
Mayor Jason Bailey awarded Carson “Eddie” Thompson a plaque for his years of dedicated service as the Veterans Service Officer.

Electronic county meetings to end for May

Garnet Southerland, Director of Union County Health Department Discusses vaccinations

In announcements during the regular Union County Commission Meeting in April, Mayor Jason Bailey reminded commissioners that the order allowing for the holding of county meetings by electronic devices expires April 30.

Commission approves money to help expand Maynardville water and sewer

Mike Chesney, Maynardville City Manager discusses water and sewer grants

At the March meeting, Union County Commission unanimously approved a budget amendment to allow the county to pay $45,000 toward the match for two Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) grants.

County Commission appoints K. David Myers as tax attorney

At the regular February meeting, the Union County Commission continued to prepare for the next fiscal year. Each spring the County Commission approves the appointment of a tax attorney to carry out the procedure for collecting delinquent property taxes in arrears by more than two years.

County Commission voting virtually transparent

Mayor Jason Bailey unveiled the new voting technology for Union County Commission at the regular meeting on January 25, 2021. The mayor, his staff and Maynardville Librarian Chantay Collins assisted the commissioners in a practice session to learn the process of clicks to make motions and vote on business items.

Union County Commission supports TCAT curriculum addition of meat processing

Union County Commission closed out its final meeting for 2020 by supporting a couple of changes with huge local impact.
It seems that local cattle producers are enduring a waitlist of 18 to 24 months to get their beef processed.
Commissioner Jeff Brantley brought the issue to Commission's attention and introduced James Acuff, a Grainger County Commissioner and President of Grainger County Cattle Association to explain the issue.

County Commission resolves farmers market grant oversight

With energy, enthusiasm, and vision, the Union County Farmers Market, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, applied for a Tennessee CARES Act Grant with a very limited window of opportunity.
The vision was for Union County farmers to be able to sell their end-of-season produce as a food product that was produced in a commercial kitchen.

Commission views plan for farmers market building

During the mayor's report, Union County Commission received the first visual of the farmers market at the regular October meeting. Mayor Jason Bailey commented that from Highway 33, the building would look like “a big barn with barn doors and the name, Union County Farmers Market.”

Union County grants top $1.6 million

“Union County has received the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) in the amount of $253,143,” announced Mayor Bailey at the September Union County Commission Meeting.
The CDBG money will be used to purchase a fire engine for the Northeast Union Fire Department. Any remaining funds will be offered to the other fire departments to purchase needed equipment. However, Bailey stated that most likely the amount would just cover the cost of the truck.

Grants fix up Union County, says Mayor Bailey

At one of Mayor Bailey's early commission meetings, he promised to seek as much funding from grants as possible.
True to his word, he requested acceptance of another state grant, the Tourism Enhancement Grant, for $75,000 with a 5% county match of $3,750, at the August Union County Commission meeting. Commissioners eagerly approved the motion and second by Commissioners Bill Cox and Keck along with multiple seconds.

Commission approves resolution to fund chamber

Commission approves resolution to fund chamber

After several meetings and much discussion, the Union County Commission passed a resolution at its May meeting to fund the Union County Chamber of Commerce with the majority of the hotel/motel tax annual revenues. The resolution will give the chamber 80% of the last three years average.

Union County finances in good shape

Union County finances in good shape

The Union County Commission met on Monday, April 27, in a virtual meeting for some commissioners in order to observe the mandates under Covid-19.
According to Mayor Jason Bailey, work on the Union County FY 2021 Budget is on track to be ready for the Union County Commission meeting on Tuesday, May 26.

Commission urges governor, assembly to complete Hwy 33 improvements

Commission urges governor, assembly to complete Hwy 33 improvements

At the February meeting, Union County Commission approved a resolution entitled “Resolution Urging Governor Lee and the General Assembly Fund and Begin Construction of Improvements on State Highway 33 aka Maynardville Highway from Knox County Line Northwardly to the Municipal Limits of Maynardville.”
This section of Maynardville Highway is the last one to connect Knoxville and Maynardville with a four-lane highway. The five miles from SR 144 to the Knox County line has been “shovel ready” for several years.

Commission discusses business, refugee resettlement, mayor's goals

Commission discusses business, refugee resettlement, mayor's goals

Commissioners Present: Jeffrey Brantley, Danny Cooke, Bill Cox, Earl Cox, Gary England, Dawn Flatford, Kenny Hill, Janet Holloway, Sidney Jessee, Jr., R. L. Jones, Larry Lay, and Becky Munsey
Commissioners Absent: Jeff Chesney, Debra Keck, Joyce Meltabarger and Jody Smith
- Notaries approved: Shannon Brooks, Elbra Davis, Jennifer Helms, Travis Patterson, Sheila Ann Rice, Carrie Elizabeth Rule, Teresa Lynn Satterfield, Barbara J. Williams

Union County Pantry continues to serve the hungry

This article is an update on the Union County CAG Food Pantry that was discussed at the October and November meetings of the Union County Commission.
At the October commission meeting, several questions arose regarding the Union County Food Pantry’s status as a nonprofit.

County Commission completes business of 2019

County Commission completes business of 2019

At the November Union County Commission meeting, Vice Mayor Gary England presided since Mayor Bailey was chaperoning his son's school trip to the BETA Convention.
The October minutes and one notary were approved.
Gary England referenced the Mayor's Report and requested that commissioners review the printed report and contact Mayor Bailey with any questions they may have.
Sheriff Breeding reported 748 calls, eight wrecks with injury, 30 wrecks with no injury, 136 booked, 146 released and 89 as the current jail population for the month of October.