Thomas Skibinski

Chamber Meet-and-Greet at New Luttrell City Hall

Luttrell Mayor Johnny Merritt with Union County Chamber of Commerce president Thomas Skibinski

It's been a long road, and there are still some finishing touches to add, but the new Luttrell City Hall is open for business. Mayor Johnny Merritt and the staffers at the city of Luttrell opened their doors for a Union County Chamber of Commerce meet-and-greet last week, with food and fellowship offered to Chamber members.

Interim Chamber President Finds Home in Union County

Interim Chamber of Commerce president Thomas Skibinski stands in front of the Chamber's office, currently housed in the historic Maynardville State Bank building.

You might say that Thomas Skibinski has experienced both ends of the spectrum. Born in Queens, New York, to parents who immigrated to the U.S. from Poland, Skibinski moved to Maynardville in adulthood seeking elbow room and a little peace and quiet.

Now, he’s serving as interim president of the Union County Chamber of Commerce, and the Chamber’s nominating board has just given him the nod to drop the “interim” from his title. The Chamber’s board of directors will vote on making it formal Sept. 19.

County, Chamber Partnership Brings State Grant Success

Union County Chamber

A partnership between Union County government and the Union County Chamber of Commerce has reaped rewards this summer. In April, Union County Mayor Mike Williams' office and the Chamber applied for an asset enhancement grant from the Tennessee Department of Economic Development, a grant program aimed at helping counties identified as "distressed" by high unemployment rates, low per capita incomes and other factors.