Commissioners concerned about impact of property reevaluation

The state's reevaluation of property stirred concerns over property tax increases by many commissioners at the Union County Commission meeting on May 23. Even though County Mayor Jason Bailey and the finance department proposed a balanced budget, questions arose regarding inflation, salaries, insurance, and taxes.
Commissioner Bill Cox asked if the state had sent a recommended tax rate. Bailey responded that the state would certify a reduction in the tax rate to 1.58 from 2.13 due to the fact that the county cannot receive more revenue from the state reevaluation alone.

County Commission voting virtually transparent

Mayor Jason Bailey unveiled the new voting technology for Union County Commission at the regular meeting on January 25, 2021. The mayor, his staff and Maynardville Librarian Chantay Collins assisted the commissioners in a practice session to learn the process of clicks to make motions and vote on business items.

County Commission completes business of 2019

County Commission completes business of 2019

At the November Union County Commission meeting, Vice Mayor Gary England presided since Mayor Bailey was chaperoning his son's school trip to the BETA Convention.
The October minutes and one notary were approved.
Gary England referenced the Mayor's Report and requested that commissioners review the printed report and contact Mayor Bailey with any questions they may have.
Sheriff Breeding reported 748 calls, eight wrecks with injury, 30 wrecks with no injury, 136 booked, 146 released and 89 as the current jail population for the month of October.