ATTENTION ALL SPORTS FANS: Sports Complex Coming to the Luttrell Industrial Park!

Sports Complex Long Range Plan

Union County Mayor Jason Bailey is excited to share the news that a grant has been awarded to Union County for construction of a multifield Sports Complex on the half of Luttrell Industrial Park that is still owned by the county. Bailey states that while running for office, he kept hearing that “our kids need something to do!” so he made fulfilling that need part of his initiative. While considering all possible sites, the Luttrell Industrial Park repeatedly checked all of the boxes.

Project Planning Meeting Discusses Youth Sports Needs

Mayor Bailey explains county revenue.

Mayor Bailey explains county revenue.

Mayor Jason Bailey opened the second Project Planning Meeting on Thursday, April 26th and summarized the County Union idea. This suggestion would consolidate much of the county services into the current Horace Maynard Middle School Building. Most of the properties that are currently rented for various county departments and some state or federal programs would also move to the middle school. The plan would save the county the cost of the rent.