Sidney Jessee Jr.

Union County Scholar, Andrew Edmondson - Union County Opry Scholarship Recipient

Using Tennessee Promise and Scholarships as a Springboard to a Vocation! Pictured from left to right are: County Commissioners Sidney Jessee Jr. and Debra Keck presenting the check to Andrew Edmondson, with parents Beth and Kris Edmondson.

Andrew Edmondson, Union County High School Class of 2021 Graduate, applied for every scholarship he found available, including one offered by the Union County Opry, and his efforts truly paid off. Edmondson received several scholarships to cover most of the expense of attending college in the Fall. When asked what the requirements are for receiving scholarships, he chuckled, “I don’t really remember, I just took one of every scholarship application available and followed the instructions! It’s not really that hard; it tells you exactly what to do, you just have to do it.”

Union County Opry is back in 2021!

Last year on March 1st I was so happy to share the exciting news of the Union County Opry with our readers! I concluded the article with the news that I had a copy of their schedule on my refrigerator and was looking forward to catching some of their shows, inviting you to join me. Then the Coronavirus hit. Our world seemed to stop spinning as the pandemic raged on. I confess that it was an unreasonably long time before I could bear to remove that show lineup, well into the Fall, long after any hope was gone.