Shirley McMurtrie

Chicken and Stuffing

Here is another chicken breast recipe. There are so many things you can do with chicken. If you have a can of chicken breast on the shelf or chicken parts in the freezer, you have supper under control. This recipe can be easily cut in half. It is a quickie, done in 35 minutes. Good, too.

Sweet potato and banana casserole

This recipe is simple. It's mostly just sweet potatoes and bananas. You do have to cook the sweet potatoes first. That's okay. That gives you time to find your deep 2 quart casserole dish and assemble the remaining ingredients. Canned orange juice is okay, too. There's not much to the recipe, just takes a few minutes to prepare.

My log cabin doll house

In the early years of our stay here, near Hickory Star Marina, money was in short supply. We were restoring the buildings on the property with only my husband's Social Security check and his two small pensions. I would later find work baby-sitting Melissa Carter's daughter, Ashley, then doing restaurant cooking, being a security guard at commercial locations and finally as a home health care worker. But it was tough going at first.


I am fond of cats nowadays. That was not always the case. I remember back in my childhood when I thought my dad was perfect and knew everything about anything. He hated cats! So I did, too. I would express my dislike at every opportunity. Then we moved to Summers Road in Union County. We had mice galore. They were everywhere and didn’t care if we saw them or not. All food had to be stored covered and sealed.

My Biscuits

I wrote a story about Jackie making my biscuit recipe. I have the recipe cited on page 54 in the Revival Vision Cook Book. If you don't have the cook book, that is not enough information to make my biscuits. So here we go.

Mock crab cakes

Most everyone likes crab cakes. They can be a bit expensive to make. Here is a good iimtation “got you fooled” crab cake recipe. Make it in the winter time when no one suspects you are using zucchini. Fool 'em.

Pasta Bean Soup

This is a good cold weather soup that's hearty enough for supper. To make it more hearty, saute a 1/2 pound of ground beef, breaking into small chunks, then add to other ingredients just before simmering. It reminds me of an Olive Garden soup

Cheesy Beef Dip

We all know and love the cheese dip made with Velveeta cheese. There are only three ingredients in that dip. This recipe is longer, but you are more apt to have all the ingredients in your pantry and fridge. Be sure to add the cinnamon. That spice goes especially well with chili powder, Three cups is a lot of dip, but it will go fast.

Pork Chops with Cream Style Corn

I like pork chops. I like cream style corn. Put my two "likes" together and you have this recipe. It's something different. I suppose you wouldn't think of combining those two, but this is a great dish. If you have thinner pork chops, adjust the first baking time accordingly. You know, we can get in a rut planning our weekly menu. Try something different this week. Try this recipe.

Cinnamon Pear Butter

Apple butter is delicious. So is pear butter. You will agree after you taste this recipe. Pick up 3 pounds of pears at Food City and stir up a batch. Don't try to hurry it along by cooking it at a higher temperature. Grab a favorite read and sit next to the stove for the 1 3/4 hours necessary for its slow cooking. Read a bit and stir, read a bit and stir. Don't let it stick and burn. Who says you can only make preserves in the Fall. Whenever you see the necessary fruit in the produce section just pick up some and sir up a batch.

Making Do

We had a heavy snow storm this last end of December 2020. The power would go out for a few seconds, then suddenly return with a “Bang!” I feared for our TV's and computer, but they survived the ordeal. Our electric coffee pot? Not so much. That was the end of Mr. Coffee.

Easy Bean Dip

Forget calorie counting when you dip your taco chip into this tasty mixture. But who's counting calories anyway. Make a bowl full to munch on while you are watching that movie on TV tonight. Stir it up and keep it in the fridge until the movie starts.