Baked bacon

Picture this: You take a package of bacon from the fridge, open it and work to separate the slices (That is not easy to do since the bacon is cold..) Then you carefully lay each slice in the skillet and set the heat to medium. Do the slices remain flat? Of course not. You fuss over them until you have cooked them to the desired crispness.

Pork Sausage Patties

I like pork sausage as you can tell by the number of recipes I have that include it. Just making patties and frying them can make a rock-like nugget if you get them too brown.
This recipe is nice and tender. The extra time it takes to mix it up is worth it. I like to get my hands in there to do that. I understand that not everyone is inclined. Mix them any way you want. They will be delicious.

Sweet potato and banana casserole

This recipe is simple. It's mostly just sweet potatoes and bananas. You do have to cook the sweet potatoes first. That's okay. That gives you time to find your deep 2 quart casserole dish and assemble the remaining ingredients. Canned orange juice is okay, too. There's not much to the recipe, just takes a few minutes to prepare.

Mock crab cakes

Most everyone likes crab cakes. They can be a bit expensive to make. Here is a good iimtation “got you fooled” crab cake recipe. Make it in the winter time when no one suspects you are using zucchini. Fool 'em.

Scalloped Onions

When I have too many onions on hand, I will make this casserole. Do your eyes water when slicing onions? I chew on pieces of bread. That seems to work. Onions are another veggie I like just about any way you fix them. This is a good one.

Souped Up Eggs

Here is an easy omelet recipe. Soup and eggs couldn't be easier. If you want to fancy it up a bit, tuck some crispy bacon or chopped ham I the center before you flip it. Good eating.


Black Walnut Pie

I grew up where black walnuts were the thing, not pecans. I didn't have to buy them. They grew all over the farm, especially down the lane to the pasture. Here, we had several black walnut trees on our 1 2/3 acres.
I remember the first time I gathered 'em, dried 'em and placed the precious nuts in grocery bags. They were placed to cure on a high shelf in our little barn. Later, the following winter, I reached up to retrieve a bag of walnuts to take to the house and crack.

Bean Meatloaf

Yes, beans do get along with ground beef. They extend the ground beef in a meat loaf. The flavor is good, too. A drained one pound can of great northern beans can be used in place of just boiling up the necessary beans.

Creamy Carrot Salad

Boy, oh boy! Here is a recipe straight out of the 50's. I suppose some women during the Great Depression had enough money to fancy up their menus. My mother didn't. It seemed that women's magazines only came into their own around the late 40s time. They were only 10 or 15 cents each. I could afford that. I would pick up a woman's magazine when I did my grocery shopping on the weekend. This recipe reminds me of these days. It has survived the test of time, just brought up to date with the Cool Whip.

Kickin' Collards

Is it finally spring? Well...if you can count how much water has been "springing" from the sky, then yes. And with spring comes recipes for greens from the garden. Here's one for collards that my daughter Christa came up with and shared with me. It takes some time, but is soooo worth it!.


Hamburger Stew

Have you ever made hamburger stew? It's easy and cheap to make. Use ground chuck. The last thing you want is having to deal with the beef fat that is tallow. Use whatever vegetables you have, if you don't have the frozen mixed vegetables. That is what I do. The other veggies you always have on hand. Serve it over rice to extend the number of servings you get. It's called creative cooking 101.