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Booker Farm - On The National Register of Historic Places

Historic Booker Farm divided by Luttrell Corryton Rd. and the railroad.

The Booker Farm (circa 1750) located on Luttrell-Corryton Road in Union County was the second property in Union County to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Eighty-nine acres of the Booker Farm was registered along with a collection of historic buildings and landscape comprising a historic district that documented rural architecture and agriculture in Union County. It is the second oldest century farm in Union County and well represents the settlement patterns of this Appalachian Region. The farm lays divided by the Luttrell-Corryton road.

On The National Register Of Historic Places In Union County

On The National Register Of Historic Places In Union County

What is it about old places that draws a body? Creaking boards, slightly sunlit beams, narrow and steep stairs, and marshy little spring branches all seem to have a lure that we just can't resist. They give us that warm feeling like we belong there or was maybe once a part of these magical old places that represents our history. Old houses, old farms, old stores, and old school buildings reach out and grab us by the collar and just won't let go until we pay our due respects to them.