Millers Chapel UMC

Unity in Union County: Advent play is Dec. 13

Be our guest on Dec 13 at 6 p.m. for a free community fellowship meal at Revival Vision Church of God and stay to enjoy the Advent play “West of Bethlehem” at 7 p.m. All are welcome! This community Christmas gathering was organized by Father Neil Pezzulo and Brother Joe Steen of St. Teresa’s Catholic Church, Pastor Bryan Wheble of Revival Vision Church of God, and Pastor Kathy Chesney of Miller’s Chapel UMC & Irwin’s Chapel UMC.

I don’t who came up with naming our county “Union,” but I can’t think of a better name to describe these wonderful, welcoming and working-together people! When I say I have moved a lot in my life, I mean I have lived in at least 19 different cities; so I know a thing or two about reading and adapting to a local culture.
I particularly appreciate that there is a place for everyone who wants to be involved in Union County, and the people here welcome and support new efforts even when led by those who are new to the community.

Vigil Brings Community Together For International Overdose Awareness Day

Miller's Chapel UMC, beautifully lit up with donated stage lights

Samantha Brantley stood in front of 30 attendees from the community at Miller’s Chapel UMC, with purple lights and beautiful stained-glass windows positioned behind her, and a memorial board in the foyer in front of her. The memorial board displayed some of the many faces and names of people in our community who have been lost to substance use and addiction.