Serving citizens from in front of a seal and behind a badge

Jerry Lawson, Luttrell Mayor and Union County Sheriff’s Deputy, pictured with his family: Sara, Kyle, Noah, Kenzlei, Beau and Kaitlyn.

Like many of our local leaders, Jerry Lawson wears many hats while serving our community: Sheriff’s deputy by day, mayor of the City of Luttrell in the evening.
Lawson began serving as mayor on July 1, 2019, and has made some large strides in a short amount of time. Although the position of mayor, which is the chief executive officer of the municipality, may conjure images of administrative office work only, but the job bears a lot more responsibility than presiding over meetings — although that is an important aspect of the position.

Read to Your SLOTH program starts at library

The Maynardville Public Library is launching a new reading incentive program for Union County elementary school-aged children. Through this program, the library offers kids incentives for reading and a buddy sloth to read to every day.
What’s more, this year-round program is completely free. The idea is adapted from Kim Todd’s “Read to a Pal” program at Luttrell Public Library, in which children can choose from a variety of stuffed animals to adopt and read books to.

Heritage Fiddle Contest Announces Winners

picture of an old front porch with 2019 Fiddle Contest Winners: Eric Nafzigar (2nd), Kasey Moore (1st), Austin Stovall (3rd)

2019 Fiddle Contest Winners: Eric Nafziger (2nd), Kasey Moore (1st), Austin Stovall (3rd)

There was “More Fiddlin' Around” as fiddle lovers of all ages welcomed competitors in Union County Heritage Festival's Second Annual Fiddle Contest on Saturday, October 5, 2019. Amateur fiddlers took the stage and performed their best renditions of some fiddle favorites. While the judges were wrestling with very difficult decisions, all of the fiddle participants and several of the guitar, string bass, and mandolin players leaped to the stage to entertain the crowd with an impromptu performance of several popular fiddle tunes.

Tharps Harvest Last Crop of Tobacco in Union County

James and Lora Tharp with their last crop of tobacco hanging to cure in the family barn in Luttrell, Tennessee

Tobacco once was a way of life and a tradition. It is where people came from and how they grew up. A lot of hard work and pride went into the crop, but over the years it has become a dying tradition for many reasons, with little remaining in East Tennessee.

Warwick's Chapel Celebrates 150 Years

Warwick's Chapel Baptist Church, Luttrell, Tennesse, established 1869

In June of 1869, the Warwick’s Chapel Community in Luttrell was blessed with a new place of worship. The first church gathering for Warwick’s Chapel Baptist Church was held at the home of John Ferguson, near the site of the old Curtis Phipps home. There were more than thirty-five constituent members who convened and organized the church, twenty-three of whom were from Cedar Ford Baptist Church, three from Cedar Grove Baptist Church, and nine from Powder Springs Gap.

Earl and Judy Stowers Loving a Community Well

Earl and Judy Stowers with Lucky the pup stand in front of a photo of their Weimarener, Sasha. Earl says Sasha is driving his van and making a left-hand turn.

Folks often call him Speedo, but his real name is Mr. Earl, but you can call him Wendell if you like. Wendell Earl (Speedo) and Judy Stowers love to spend time with friends and are always up for a good joke, hence the name Speedo for Earl.

“I earned that name back when the Cadillacs had the hit song,” said Earl. “I guess it kind of stuck.”

Call him whatever name you want, just don’t call him late for dinner. When it comes to community service, well that’s no joking matter.


Runt And The Luttrell Fox Hunters

Runt Kits 1984

My Papaw Kitts, known as “Runt,” was a fox hunter. He was my mom’s dad and the oldest of ten kids. His real name was Samuel Ernest Kitts, otherwise known as “S.E.” or just “Runt” Kitts. He had a brother, William Cloyd Kitts, known as “Poss” Kitts, who also shared this love of fox hunting – east Tennessee style.


The City of Luttrell is taking applications for a new City Recorder

Luttrell City Hall

City Recorder position for the City of Luttrell. High school education required; preferably an Associates degree in business with 5 years of office experience. Must be a Certified Municipal Finance Officer or the ability to obtain certification within twelve (12) months of hire and possess a valid Tennessee driver license. Send resume and cover letter to: City of Luttrell, P.O. Box 82, Luttrell, TN 37779

Our office number is 865-992-0870 if you need additional information.

Linda Merritt
City Recorder