Lions Club

Time is running out!

Will you help the Union County Lions Club provide needed eye exams and glasses for residents and screening exams for all pre-school students? One way to contribute to the work that the Lions do in our community is to buy a Reverse Raffle ticket. Tickets are $10 each. The money raised goes directly to the Lion Charities. Tickets can be purchased from Union County Lions members Pastor Kathy Chesney (865) 566-3289; Ronnie Mincey (865) 278-6430; Debbie Sylvia-Gardner (865) 603-5081; or Shirlee Grabko (865) 310-6874.

It’s Reverse Raffle Time Again!!

Only a few tickets left in 2023 after pulling over 1500 tickets out one by one.

East TN Lions club is holding their 9th annual Reverse Raffle! In a Reverse Raffle, all the tickets are pulled out one-by-one until there are only 3 tickets left. The third to the last ticket wins $500. The second to the last ticket will win $1000. And the LAST remaining ticket, after all the others have been pulled, is the Grand Prize winner of $2000.