Youth Leaders Prevail

Left to Right - Chloe Bowman, Summer Beeler, Savannah Jones, Tanner Brooks

Youth are the future; the forthcoming of our county, our country, our world. Insurance that the youth of today are prepared for tomorrow’s challenges as they grow more independent falls under the responsibility of us as teachers and role models. Communities progress from the education of adolescents, resulting in growth and sustainability.

Leadership Thrives in Union County

Leadership Thrives in Union County

A community thrives on leaders taking initiative and pushing themselves and others to full potential. Leadership Union County (LUC) is a local organization that focuses on developing leaders to help create a unified and progressive community by identifying opportunities and challenges, developing strategies, and providing resources to achieve community goals. LUC’s charter class began in 2000. On September 20th, Leadership Union County is honored to have added six graduates to the leadership program.