Laura White

Fun Facts About Happenings in Union County Schools

As we continue in this time of uncertainty and fear, life must go on in some ways. A part of that is that children need an education. There are many aspects of a child’s education that go beyond a classroom or basic learning. These things include but are not limited to sports, band, music lessons, dance lessons, fundraisers, and community support. All of these and more contribute to a child’s education in ways many cannot see.

Tennessee House of Representatives Candidate Information

Tennessee House of Representatives Candidate Information
District 35:
            Jerry Sexton—Republican Party. Serving Claiborne, Grainger and part of Union Counties in District 35 since 2015. He was born on March 9, 1957 in Claiborne County, TN. He is married to Marsha Sexton and has two children, Matthew and Terri. Jerry Sexton Graduated from Walter State University and his profession prior to politics is the owner of a furniture manufacturing facility as well as a Baptist Minister. 
            Some Things Jerry Sexton Stands for: 

Union County High School football update

The Union County Patriots Football team played a great fifth game against Northview Academy Friday, September 25. Although they did not come out with a win, they definitely did not leave without having taken away something from this experience.

With Senior Night against Sullivan South coming up, the football team is hoping to come away with a win. In preparation for the next game they are treating it like any other game, with the singular focus of winning, and this upcoming game can change the rest of the season for the better.

Union County Farmers Market

If you’re ever looking for produce and fresh vegetable plants, meats, honey, flowers, and yummy baked goods, the Union County Farmers Market is the place to go. Not only will you get a good price for local, wholesome goods, but you get the unique chance to meet the producers too! You can speak with them and learn firsthand how best to prepare or store the goods you are purchasing. And no worries about second-hand items or repackaged things, everything you find at the Union County Farmers Market is first-rate and has been picked or prepared that day, or the day before.

Union County Plans to Proceed With Sports

With all the new changes going on in the school system due to Covid-19, sports is something I know many are concerned/curious about. It is something some schools have chosen not to do, and some inter-collegiate sports are not being held this semester. Following TMSAA guidelines, Union County Schools are continue their sports, but there will be some things students and fans will find different.

Library Summer Reading Program

It’s that time of year when children are out of school and need something productive to do that will keep themselves, and their parents, sane. Flying to the rescue comes a summer reading program which will motivate children to not only fill time productively, but expand their knowledge by reading. Entering a different world where imagination is key, time is no longer, and nothing else exists is often the highlight of a summer break for many children.

Election Day is Approaching!

Election time is coming! And June 23rd is that special day for two cities in Union County. The city of Maynardville will be electing three officers to the city council, and the city of Plainview will be casting ballots for the Mayor’s office and two Alderman seats. On Election day, opening time is 9:00am, and all polls will close at 8:00pm. (For those unable to vote or over the age of 60, please remember the availability of absentee voting, now more accessible for those affected by Covid-19.)

The Effects Of Covid-19: Small Businesses

Covid-19. Coronavirus. The Rona. All are names of the virus that has swept the United States these last few months, the same virus that has drastically changed life for almost every person in the world. Anyone who watches the news, reads a news-feed, or listens to news-talk radio has an idea of what’s going on in our government (at least what they’re telling us). But what is really going on? How are things on the home front? How has this virus, and the resulting quarantine and social distance regulations, affected those here in Union County?