Kidney Transplant

Become my life-saving kidney donor

Aaron Russell is a man of faith. Seven years ago, he became very sick. His kidneys shut down from what turned out to be vasculitis; a disease that damaged the small blood vessels in his kidneys.
During this time, Aaron became paralyzed as a side effect from heavy doses of steroids, which resulted in back surgery. He suffered pneumonia, migraine headaches, deadly hypertension, pericardial effusion, pleural effusion and was on dialysis three days a week, four hours per day.
In total, he was admitted to the hospital eight times and had countless doctors’ visits.

I'm your donor. God told me to give you a kidney.

I'm your donor. God told me to give you a kidney.

That’s what the man at my door said two years ago. I'm your donor, God told me to give you a kidney. I had only seen this man a few times before he showed up at my door late one night.

Nine months before this night, I lost both kidneys due to vasculitis, an auto immune disease. I had been working for Union County School System and school had just started back. I was feeling sick and thought I had picked up a bug until I started passing blood in my urine. I went to the doctor and by the time we found out what was going on, it was too late. I had lost both kidneys.