Joel Collins

The CCC In Union County Part 7

Continuing from "From Hearth And Hoe": " In October, 1935, TVA Camps 7, 13, 16, 19, and 22, for example, were engaged in soil erosion projects and special work on TVA lands. Three 110-foot steel fire towers were erected. Camp TVA-13 constructed a stone masonry fish dam on Stiner Branch. The dam, 30 feet high and 145 feet long, created a lake used by TVA's Fish and Game division to raise fish. Camp TVA-16, consisting of about 206 young men, mostly from East Tennessee, was organized at Sharp's Chapel on August 15, 1935.

The CCC In Union County Part 5

Continuing from "From Hearth And Hoe": "Camp required each field crew to hold a five minute safety talk pertaining to work being performed at the beginning of every morning and a second talk before resuming work after lunch. The superintendent's constant attention was required to keep the men aware of job hazards; there were very few accidents.

CCC Part 4

Continuing from "From Hearth And Hoe": "Companies were issued athletic equipment to ensure at least some opportunity for leisure time. It was necessary for the camp residents to produce much of their own entertainment: consequently stunt nights, dances, musical concerts, and minstrel shows were frequently held within the camp, using members as performers. To prevent boys from becoming restless and homesick, recreation leaders provided entertainment through various games and sports.

The Coming Of The Railroad

As many of us who grew up around Luttrell would attest, the railroad holds a special place in our childhoods: walking the tracks, smashing pennies or hearing the train whistle late at night on a coal run to Middlesboro. In our county's history, the coming of the railroad, too, had an impact on lives. Today's society may take for granted the magnitude that railroad accessibility has had on the development of Union County.