Grants fix up Union County, says Mayor Bailey

At one of Mayor Bailey's early commission meetings, he promised to seek as much funding from grants as possible.
True to his word, he requested acceptance of another state grant, the Tourism Enhancement Grant, for $75,000 with a 5% county match of $3,750, at the August Union County Commission meeting. Commissioners eagerly approved the motion and second by Commissioners Bill Cox and Keck along with multiple seconds.

Commission Meets, Grants Spark Lively Discussion

County Commission

County Mayor Jason Bailey continues to provide information and transparency with county government. To this end, the Mayor will host a County Project Planning Workshop on Monday, February 18, at the courthouse to discuss some possible projects that he would like to see Union County undertake as well as garner ideas from all stakeholders. “Everyone interested in planning our county's future is welcome. I would like to get ideas from everyone: commissioners, school board members, elected officials, organizations, and the citizens,” stated Mayor Bailey.