Food Pantry

Feeding Union County Families Since 1997

Volunteer Pat Blackburn presents donation to Kitty Lewis - Union County Food Pantry Director

Union County Food Pantry started in 1997 when the current Director, Kitty Lewis, had a close friend from church who shared with her the struggles that people in our area were having with getting enough food to last the entire month. One lady was rumored to stretch her budget by eating cat food. These unfortunate circumstances spurred these two ladies to take action. Lewis and friends turned to local churches and have been supported by congregations and individuals ever since.

Union County Pantry continues to serve the hungry

This article is an update on the Union County CAG Food Pantry that was discussed at the October and November meetings of the Union County Commission.
At the October commission meeting, several questions arose regarding the Union County Food Pantry’s status as a nonprofit.

County Commission completes business of 2019

County Commission completes business of 2019

At the November Union County Commission meeting, Vice Mayor Gary England presided since Mayor Bailey was chaperoning his son's school trip to the BETA Convention.
The October minutes and one notary were approved.
Gary England referenced the Mayor's Report and requested that commissioners review the printed report and contact Mayor Bailey with any questions they may have.
Sheriff Breeding reported 748 calls, eight wrecks with injury, 30 wrecks with no injury, 136 booked, 146 released and 89 as the current jail population for the month of October.