Growing up, I loved to watch super heroes. There were the old “Batman” reruns, “The Justic League” cartoon on Saturday mornings, and “Wonder Woman” starring Lynda Carter. But out of all of these, the only superhero I considered to be totally indestructible was Superman. Why am I telling you this? Because of our dog, Roxy.

The Great Sambo

The Great Sambo sounds like a magician's name doesn’t it? By the way, I prefer the term illusionist. Actually, The Great Sambo was my dad’s dog.
Sambo was a Great Pyrenees. In case you are unfamiliar with that breed, they are very large dogs, but they have gentle demeanors. Sambo definitely had that, thank goodness.
Knowing my daughter Sara liked dogs, Dad had us bring her to his home to see Sambo when he got him. At this time Sara was three years old. It was a very cold winter’s day so, we had her bundled up so much that she resembled a caterpillar in a cocoon.

Dingo and the Fourth of July


My husband had never owned a dog when he was growing up, but he loved them and dogs loved him. He said dogs that would tear up anyone else in his neighborhood would fawn on him like a little puppy.
So after we were married and in our own house, he insisted on getting a dog. I was not included in that selection.

Enemy Mine

Butch sunning himself.

There are those who will say that dogs and cats are always natural enemies. That may have been true hundreds of years ago when canines and felines were competing for the same prey, but I contend the relationship today is much more complex. I give, as example, the friendship of Boots and Butch.

Boots was an orange Tabby kitten, with huge white polydactyl paws. He was a neighborhood stray, being cared for temporarily by friends who suddenly had to move. As the last box of dishes was being loaded in the rental truck, my friend asked, "What are we going to do with Mittens?"

Animal Magnet

Dani with Melvin.

My daughter, Danielle, had an amazing affinity with animals when she was younger. Her childhood was filled with all kinds of different pets. I will not forget the time I came home from work one day when she was in junior high in Athens. There she was on the front porch loving on a huge orange and white Tom cat. I think the cat was doing just as much loving back. Her first comment? “Look what followed me home!” Her second comment? “Can we keep him?”

Give it Up for Dogs!

Butch and Melvin, enjoying their siesta.

Not too long ago, I wrote about cats. I figured it was time to give dogs a bit of limelight. Dogs have a lot going for them. They are less independent. Let’s face it, humans love to feel needed, so an adoring set of eyes and a wagging tail appeals to most people. Dogs forgive quickly and are usually gung ho about everything.