Retired teachers share corn crafts

Young girl smiling and showing the refrigerator magnet shaped like corn that she painted.

Kinsley is all smiles after she custom painted her corn refrigerator magnet at the Union County Youth & Corn Festival.

Union County Retired Teachers Association provided corn crafts for children to make at the recent Youth & Corn Festival. At least 25 children custom painted corn refrigerator magnets. Another 16 strung beads on chenille sticks and shaped key chains that resembled Indian corn. Between craft projects a teacher read stories with corn themes that covered the uses and history of corn.
One young girl read the book to the teacher. Many of the participants wanted to craft as a family. All seemed to have a really fun time and many mentioned that they would be returning next year.

Corn Producers VOTE!

Corn Producers VOTE!

The Tennessee Corn Referendum will be held on Wednesday, November 28 and Thursday, November 29 from 8am - 5pm. The question on the referendum ballot will be “shall the producers of corn assess themselves at the rate of one cent ($0.01) per bushel of corn sold”. If passed, the funds will be paid over to the Tennessee Corn Promotion Board to finance programs of research, education, market development, marketing, advertising and other methods to promote the increased production, consumption, use and sale of corn products.