UC Little League gets 4 year use contract from BOE

The Union County Board of Education approved a use contract for four years at the field located below the sheriff's office on Hwy 33. Mary Ann Stackhouse, attorney for the BOE, recommended the approval. Stackhouse will be retiring this year, but the Board also extended the services of her affiliated firm with different legal representation.

Board denies contract, makes masks optional, settles suit

Concerns expressed by Marty Gibbs, board member from first district, derailed the Skilled Services Contract at the Union County Board of Education Meeting on June 24. Gibbs expressed concerns that the contract had no performance bond, no quality controls, no schedule for completion and lacked AIA protections, yet required a 30 percent payout of the $1,337,400 up front.

Board extends director's contract four years

At the September meeting, Union County School Board voted to extend Dr. Jimmy Carter's contract for four more years. School board attorney Mary Ann Stackhouse explained that his current contract would not have expired until 2020 since the same contract had been extended in 2013 to 2017, in 2017 to 2020, and with no changes, the current contract would be extended four more years to 2024. Brad Griffey from the Second District authored the motion. Casey Moore could not attend due to work responsibilities.