Call for pie bakers

Picture of a pie for pie contest

“Take a Country Road” to UT Extension Union County, 3925 Maynardville Highway, on Wednesday, September 29, and bring your best pie to enter the Union County Heritage Festival Pie Baking Contest.
UT Extension Union County will host the pie contest. Alyshia Victoria, Food and Consumer Science Agent, will be the coordinator.
Fruit, nut, and other are the categories. Winning pie bakers will receive cash prizes and ribbons.

Local student wins regional 4-H public speaking

Kaleb Hanna, Union County 4-Her to attend Western National Roundup

It’s public speaking time in Union County! One of the most exciting 4-H competitions is just around the corner: the 4-H Public Speaking Contest.
This experience really boosts your confidence. Almost everyone has fears of public speaking, but it sure is an excellent way to turn your weakness into strength. Preparing a speech makes you look inward to personal thoughts or ideas that you would like your audience to hear about.

4-H County Contest Winners

First Place Winners left to right: Meradeth Whitley (6th), Gracie Tindell (5th), Allyson Hanna (11th), Kaleb Hanna (9th), Travis Hanna (7th), and Hayston Henry (5th)

Union County 4-H meets monthly with youth in classrooms providing a lesson as well as announcements and upcoming 4-H contest information. During November and December, students are presented with opportunities to participate in the public speaking and poster contests. Many students research, prepare, and practice speeches for their respective in class competitions. At the time of their final presentations, the top speeches are awarded a blue ribbon and participants are invited to speak at the countywide event, held annually in January.

Union County is Lit

Bobby Hampshire, Individual Winner

Union County is a beautiful place to live and visit during any season, but this winter was even more sparkling than expected. The Light Up Union County Event, hosted by partnership UT Extension and Union County Chamber of Commerce, generated twenty three divine holiday light displays. The contest was split into three categories this year including Individual, Organization, and Commercial Business. A Facebook poll was conducted, running about two weeks, for each category.

Decorate the Town

Decorate the Town

The cool air is wisping through Union County as November peeps around the corner. With the cool air and festivities surrounding the town, excitement for the upcoming holidays begins. As lights are strewn up in window seals and trees become aglow, the county will glisten with Christmas spirit. Opportunities will arise for a car ride through town with the family, Christmas carols on the radio and hot peppermint cocoa in hand to gaze at the town through the frosty windows and admire the holiday decorations.

A Quilt Trail of Hay Bales

A Quilt Trail of Hay Bales

As the departure of the summer season nears, autumn is slowly breezing in on the dewy sunrise mornings and early sunset evenings. It is well-known that attending the Annual Union County Heritage Festival is a kick-off to the magical fall season here in Union County. The festival attracts all realms of people as there are vendors, contests, foods, and demonstrations to meet every expectation.

Chamber Sponsors Photo Show for 2017 Heritage Festival

The Union County Chamber of Commerce will sponsor the Photography Show for the Heritage Festival.

The contest for amateurs only will provide pictures of Union County to be used in promoting Union County as a tourist destination. Photographers may enter one photo in each category: “Come here,Come home”, Union County People, or Union County Places.