Tennessee Sandhill Crane Festival

Amazing all the critters we have in Tennessee! 2011. Photos by the author.

Until I began working for Hamilton County Schools at Birchwood Elementary, I had not heard of the Tennessee Sandhill Crane Festival (or Birchwood TN Sandhill Crane Festival). I don’t know why not. This is a gem of an educational and fun opportunity.

Intriguing Birds

Photo by USFWS. Yellow-headed blackbirds at Cokeville Meadows, Wyoming

I recently read a report that said in the past five decades, North America’s bird population has decreased by over 3 billion individuals. That’s Billion with a capital “B.” And that is only in North America. The reports are similar in Europe, South America and other parts of the world. So what happens when we no longer have chance encounters seeing unique and intriguing birds? The norm will be that the next generation won’t miss them because they weren’t ever aware of their existence. Clear as mud?