Big Ridge State Park

Ghostly Hikes at Big Ridge

Fall leaves at Big Ridge State Park

As the spooky October season sneaks around the corner, Big Ridge State Park has some ghostly adventures planned for the community and visitors. As you may know, there are some mysterious stories from past generations that spook the park this time of year. These stories are shared amongst hikers at the Annual Ghost House Hikes which have been happening for more than a decade.

Union County’s Forgotten Treasure

Union County’s Forgotten Treasure

The Recreation Hall at Big Ridge State Parked was packed on the 18th of October as concerned members of the community provided input to the Park’s Business and Management Plan. This plan is updated every five years and it provides the framework for future improvements to the park. Recognizing that place based economic investment is fundamental to the county's economic future, individuals attending Thursday evening’s meeting stressed that one of the most important investments in Union County to bring jobs and prosperity is Big Ridge State Park.