Historic Union County

Union County Tennessee is very special. It's a place where neighbors care about their neighbors. A place where first name basis with folks is the rule. Union County is a great place to live, work and play. It is a beautiful place where friends get together for boating, water skiing, swimming, fishing, and family fun. From Norris Lake to the scenic beauty of the rolling hills and streams of East Tennessee.

There is just something about Union County and its wonderful people that inspires folks to hone their musical talents. Grand Ole Opry legends Chet Atkins, Roy Acuff, Carl Smith, Lois Johnson, and Kenny Chesney all have called Union County Tennessee their home. Don't be surprised to hear a jam session of blue grass or gospel break out somewhere when visiting.

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Read what Bonnie Heiskell Peters, the Union County, Tennessee Historian has to say about the formation of Union County Tennessee in 1850