Welcome to Union County, Tennessee

Historic Union County

Are you looking to relocate your family or retire to a simpler way of life? Would you love to return to a place where people know their neighbors and wave to passers-by?

Look no farther than historic Union County, Tennessee, the Cradle of Country Music. Nestled in the rolling hills of East Tennessee, our scenic beauty is stunning, our people are friendly, and our cost of living is low.

Union County has a rich history stretching back to Raccoon Miller, Revolutionary War veteran and one of our first settlers. More than 100 years later came another key note in our history: TVA’s impoundment of Norris Lake. While this event gave us Depression recovery jobs and inexpensive electricity, it drowned many homesteads under the lake, forcing families to relocate.

Norris Lake is one of our greatest assets today, though. With crystal-clear water and ample fishing and boating, many of us spend all summer on the lake. And on Norris Lake’s shores, Big Ridge State Park offers hiking, camping and swimming, and Chuck Swan Wildlife Management Area offers seasonal hunting.

And if you love country music, Union County is definitely the place for you. Talent seems to run in the blood of every Union County native, and several country music celebrities have called Union County home. Grand Ole Opry legends Roy Acuff, Chet Atkins, Lois Johnson and Carl Smith all hailed from Union County, as does modern-day country music star Kenny Chesney. Around every corner, you’ll hear local folks making music the old-fashioned way, whether it’s bluegrass or gospel.

You can take root in our community with our vibrant civic clubs that still open with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer. Our children go to small schools with personal attention and cutting-edge technology. Folks gather at the Little League fields in the spring and the football fields in the fall. You might even get invited to a traditional wheat-threshing or molasses-making, complete with a downhome Southern potluck lunch.

Commercial and residential property costs a fraction here of what you’d pay in a more urban area, so your homebuying dollar will go much farther. Our County Commission works to keep property taxes low, and we have no income tax in the State of Tennessee.

But, you don’t have to give up all that a city has to offer if you relocate to Maynardville. Knoxville, with all its restaurants and shopping, is just a 30-minute drive away.

We’d love to see you here in Union County, to greet you with a smile and a wave from the porch, or even an invitation to sit a spell and drink a glass of sweet tea. Won’t you stop on by?


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