Christian Mothers

Christian mothers are to be honored. I thank God for my mother and the love she had for all of her children. She gave this love not only to her own children but to all the children she taught in school and all that she took care of in her daycare. My mother was a courageous woman. She raised eight children and made each one of us feel as though each one was an only child. We didn’t have a lot of materialistic things but we always had something to eat and a clean outfit to wear, even if it needed to be washed several times a week.

I have so many wonderful memories of my mother. While raising her family she continued her education and graduated from the University of Tennessee. She began teaching in the Union County School System after we were grown and she opened a day care facility after her retirement from teaching. Another trait that not many people know is that she was a sharp shooter with a pistol or a rifle. I’ve seen her walk just beyond the backyard where we had a fenced in chicken lot and with a single shot she could shoot a chicken in the head, which later we would have for dinner. I also heard a story about her and my dad target practicing with a pistol in a remote area along a river bank in Kentucky. It was told that she cracked down on a rat and hit it while it was running.

My mother taught us to work and gave us opportunities to learn skills that have stayed with us all of our life. As young as I can remember, her and my dad always took us to church and taught us to respect our places of worship. We were a close family and she knew we all loved her dearly. I realize I probably never told her enough what a wonderful mother she was.

Of all the stories I could share, and there are many, the fact that she was a Christian and lived a Christian life before us on a daily basis has shaped our lives the most. She taught us that the love of God surpasses everything this world holds important. Now she is in Heaven and I’m left here for a while with my many memories. I’d like to be able to say to her, “Mother, I love you.” But now it’s too late. So please spend some time with your mother and go to church with her this Mother’s Day.

May God Bless You is my prayer!