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When you work in public school systems, you get used to numerous in-service and professional development sessions. If you are a teacher of specific subjects, they are very useful, but if you are a librarian, some of the sessions might seem irrelevant. (Sorry, but math teaching methods was not relevant to me.)

Historic road signs: Teaching history, if you take notice

Since it is my birthday, I decided to write about my birthplace and the historic sign at its site: the old Ailor Mill on Route 144, Ailor Gap Road. Of course, this is not really my birthplace, but as a four-year-old I did believe my father when he said that it was. My real birthplace was in a 1958 Chevrolet in Claiborne County, but that's another story. It may not have been that mill on that site, but simply a barn constructed there after the old mill was torn down. Regardless, I believed it to be true and now a historic marker commemorates the site.