Union County Commission supports TCAT curriculum addition of meat processing

Union County Commission closed out its final meeting for 2020 by supporting a couple of changes with huge local impact.
It seems that local cattle producers are enduring a waitlist of 18 to 24 months to get their beef processed.
Commissioner Jeff Brantley brought the issue to Commission's attention and introduced James Acuff, a Grainger County Commissioner and President of Grainger County Cattle Association to explain the issue.

Union County Plans Post Secondary Education

Union County Plans Post Secondary Education

I recently sat down with the Director of Schools, Dr. Jimmy Carter, Union County High School’s CTE Director, Brian Shoffner, and Union County High School Teacher, Danny Satterfield, to talk about a new and exciting program called TCAT. The funny little acronym stands for Tennessee College of Applied Technology. TCAT is a post-secondary educational opportunity for graduating high school students as well as adults with a high school diploma or GED wanting vocational training.