Bill Dance betting his favorite lure on this one

As people drive through Union County, they find a common theme.
Whether it be in Big Ridge as they drive through the state park, or as they move toward Hickory Star and sit on the swings watching boats come in from a long day of basking in the sun or throwing bait into the water.

Eagle Eye

It wasn’t my first choice for a vacation spot, but it was Tim’s. You see, he wanted to get away for a few days and do some fishing. I was in agreeance until he suggested going to Lake Logan. While I am a farm girl, I still like my modern conveniences.

Fun, Food, and Family Ties

Pictured are Alex, George, and Doug Cheek, three generations of fishermen. Like many local families, going fishing was something the family always did together. It was a fun activity, provided time together for the family members, and put food on the table—Win-Win-Win!

Doug Cheek fondly remembers fishing with his father George, a tradition he was happy to carry on with his son Alex. He began fishing specifically for Striper (also known as Rockfish, but whose proper name is Striped Bass) around the turn of the century. Then, while he was still working, it was just a hobby. Upon the sale of his Ford dealership in 2018 and subsequent retirement, and seeing a need within the community, Doug decided to start a second business as a Fishing Guide.

Fishy Tales

Most fishy tales are probably tall tales about the one that got away. Mine are just the opposite in that I have never had any luck with fish in any capacity.
For instance, the last time I went fishing, I fell into Bull Creek. That wonderful experience is in my story, “In the Creek.”
My woeful fish tales started at a very young age. You see, my mother always had a fish tank.

Fishing Norris in January

January can be a great time to fish Norris Lake. In the heart of the winter the average weight of your catch can be larger. Plus, fish often form large schools in deep water and you may catch a lot of big fish in a small area.
Another advantage of January fishing is that all the pleasure boaters are gone and fishermen will have the lake all to themselves. If it is extremely cold or nasty weather, there may not be many other fishermen on the lake either.


December fishing on Norris Lake

December is one of the best times to fish for any type of fish that can be caught in Norris Lake. By early December, the water temperature in a normal year should be someplace in the mid to high 50s. This is a great time for inexperienced fishermen to target stripers, because they start feeding on smaller bait, which is much easier for inexperienced striper fishermen to come by.


November fishing on Norris Lake

November is one of the best times to fish in East Tennessee. The water temperatures are heading towards a magic range, which is 58° to 62° F, and the fish can sense this decrease in water temperature.
Typically this temperature range is reached in the low- to mid-sections of Norris no later than Thanksgiving. In the upper Powell and Clinch Rivers this magic water temperature can be reached much earlier in the month.


Local Fisherman Inducted into Hall of Fame

Union County man, Archie Wilson, was inducted into the Morristown Marine Team Trail Invitational Hall of Fame on Saturday October 28, 2017. He received his trophy/plaque at the dinner banquet, we often refer to as the pork chop dinner, held at the Walter State Expo. Sam Phillips, owner of Morristown Marine, mentioned that the criteria for induction into the hall of fame is based upon several factors like integrity, honesty, passion for the sport, contribution to community and family.