Cindy Taylor

A Changing of the Guard

Madeline, Elsie Ruth and Coach Christian Chandler

Union County High School girls’ basketball coach Roger Murphy is stepping away; but he isn’t going too far.

Murphy has coached the girls team for the past fourteen years and says the timing is right. Murphy’s tenure was highlighted by winning the district tournament championship in 2015-16, the first for the program in over thirty years.

Maynardville Elementary 4-H Poster Winners

Savannah Weaver, Emmie Hardin, McKinley Wyrick and Kenny Greene

Maynardville Elementary has announced their 4-H Poster Contest Winners.
For 4th grade the first place winner is Kenny Greene.
For 5th grade, Savannah Weaver took first place. In second place is Emmie Hardin and in third place, McKinley Wyrick.
In order for a poster to qualify the students must promote 4-H on the poster and include the 4-H emblem as specified by the national 4-H guidelines.

One More Demise

Fond memories from years past

I am thankful that this time it isn’t a person, and it can’t be entirely contributed to Covid. Along with many other beloved pastimes, family reunions and church socials seem to have taken the path to extinction.

Lady Patriots Wrestling Team Takes Titles

Pictured are: Assistant coach Bobby Hampshire, Jaden Blanton, Kenlei Johnson, Kayla Faulkner, Coach James Ramirez, Brianna Cook, Angel Dyer, Leslie White, assistant coach Glenn Helton. Center front: Emily Shultz.

The Union County High School Lady Patriots Wrestling Team competed and won both the East Region Duals and the Traditional Tournament.

Quiz Bowl Competitors

Quiz Bowl Competitors pictured left to right: Cade Ailor, Lakin Brock, Kayla Faulkner, and Caden Walker

Union County High School students Cade Ailor, Caden Walker, Lakin Brock, and Kayla Faulkner competed in the Tennessee FFA Quiz Bowl Contest. All students are members of the Horace Maynard FFA Chapter.

Christmas Wishes for 2020

With Christmas less than three months away and Covid-19-20-21 (who really knows) going as strong as ever, it’s anyone’s guess how the holiday will play out this year for shoppers.

According to sources on the internet, normal holiday shopping between November and December increases approximately 13 percent year over year. In May of 2020, with Corona surging and quarantine/lock-down/shelter-in-place raging, online shopping increased in popularity by 77 percent in a single month, a surge that generally takes four to six years over each twelve month period.

Hearts of Color

What do you see?

I was born a Caucasian female. I am neither proud, nor ashamed of that fact. It has probably influenced the course of my life, but was beyond my control. Therefore, it is just a fact. What I have done with that fact during my formative years and to date was, and is, somewhat within my control. As with every human being.

Fight, Flight, or Hide?

Just when you thought it was safe to go out without a mask...

Full disclosure, this is my daily musing written from the viewpoint of a Christian. Read, or ignore. Agree, or disagree. Two freedoms that are ultimately still yours, along with many others.

Life in the Great Outdoors?

Teepee in the glade constructed by the Taylor/Brogan grandchildren in 2020

With social distancing a very real thing these days, I have been extremely impressed with how my husband, Brent, and I have handled the forced togetherness. For many months now, it has been just the two of us. We were already isolated on our 30 acres where we can’t see any neighbors and no neighbors can see us; but C-19 has taken self-isolation to a whole other level.

Now I'm wondering if maybe I’ve been a bit too smug in thinking we had this covered.

Another Favorite Gone for 2020

We’re all saddened these days when we hear that many of the events we love are having to cancel for 2020 due to Covid-19. One more beloved Knoxville tradition will not make an appearance this year.

The Tennessee Valley Fair will not be held again until 2021.

“It is with great sadness that we announce that the 2020 fair, scheduled to be held September 11-20, will not be taking place,” the Tennessee Valley Fair Executive Committee stated in a press release June 8.

Funding approved for Hwy 33 construction

State Rep. Dennis Powers

State Rep. Dennis Powers, R-Jacksboro, and State Sen. Frank Niceley, R-Strawberry Plains, today announced the funding has been approved for the final phase of construction of State Route 33 connecting Union and Knox counties.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation has completed the right-of-way phase of the development for State Route 33 (Maynardville Highway). This 5.2 mile project will adjoin the portion of State Route 33 in Union County to the Knox County line and State Route 144. The proposed project includes widening the highway from two lanes to five.

A Little Bit of Normal

The New You salon owner Vickie Burkhart gives a shampoo to client Rhonda Collins.

Vickie Burkhart has owned her business for 32 years. It was a hard hit when she had to close her salon, The New You, on March 27 due to a government order to help control the spread of Covid-19. But things are slowly returning to normal since Burkhart and her co-stylist Terry Shumate re-opened the salon May 6.

Ready to Ditch the Gray?

Holloway and her new canine friend Miss Alaska relax in front of the TV during quarantine.

When was the last time you had a haircut, color, perm, manicure, etc.? People have started saying we’re all in the same boat. Maybe we’re all in the same state of grayness.

By the time this article is published, Janet Holloway will have reopened her salon, bringing into play a whole new set of challenges to running a business.

Like many companies in Union County and beyond, Janet’s Hair Salon closed its doors March 27th thanks to the state’s mandatory shut down due to Covid-19.

Hit the Trails

Bored? Looking for something to pass the time, AND get you away from screens? Something that falls inside the government guidelines for social distancing?

While so many outdoor activities have been cancelled or postponed, there is still one thing anyone with a car can spend time doing. And it is all in the great outdoors.

All Dogwood trails in Knoxville remain open and right now is the best time to make the drive.

Here are a few photos from Lakemoor DT and Holston Hills DT to get you moving.

A Sharps Chapel Christmas

Twas just days before Christmas, the rain came in sheets. The folks in Sharps Chapel knew Santa’s arrival looked bleak.
Young ones and older came from miles around, to be in Sharps Chapel when Santa’s sleigh touched the ground.
Children at the Library, noses pressed to the glass, were getting kind of worried, would Santa have to pass?

Thanksgiving memories; Or, beware the 'Strawberry Love'

Strawberry Love

We all have certain holiday memories that we hold dear. Then there are those that just won’t allow themselves to be forgotten completely, even when we want them gone. I will explain.
My husband and I decided early in our marriage that our family would consist of two children When the Lord blessed us with a handsome boy, followed by a lovely girl, we were certain we had made the right decision.

It’s a whole new month! Again!

Thanks again to my author friend Jared Jackson for his hard work in rounding up all the fun things we can celebrate in November.
This month, have some fun with friends observing the important and unusual in November. Looks to me like November is geared to readers, writers and giving thanks, and I am all about that. Not sure I care for Fibonacci Day on November 23. (I hate math.) Anyway, enjoy!
The month of November has all this. Who knew?
•  National Novel Writing Month
•  Family Stories Month
•  Military Family Appreciation Month