Warwick's Chapel Celebrates 150 Years

Warwick's Chapel Baptist Church, Luttrell, Tennesse, established 1869

In June of 1869, the Warwick’s Chapel Community in Luttrell was blessed with a new place of worship. The first church gathering for Warwick’s Chapel Baptist Church was held at the home of John Ferguson, near the site of the old Curtis Phipps home. There were more than thirty-five constituent members who convened and organized the church, twenty-three of whom were from Cedar Ford Baptist Church, three from Cedar Grove Baptist Church, and nine from Powder Springs Gap.

First Catholic Church Constructed in Union County

Catholic Church in Union County Tennessee

In August of 2011, Glenmary Home Missioners formed the first Catholic Church in Union County, Tennessee. As a part of this formation, local Catholics would gather at the Senior Center with the first mass being held under a carport, being a “bring your own chair” event with twenty-six people in attendance. The group began to search for a rental location to house their church, meanwhile the first Sunday Mass was held in October 2011 at Miller’s Chapel United Methodist Church. Masses were held there for the month of October while the storefront property on Maynardville Highway was renovated.