Arthur "Art" Bohanan Speaks at Union County Historical Society Meeting

A tombstone aged by the elements.

Union County Historical Society was privileged to host Mr. Arthur Bohanan and Mrs. Bohanan at its August meeting. Mr. Bohanan spoke about “Who are Humans and How Did We Get Here?” He is descended from the Sevier County Bohanans and has three books to his credit–two of which are historical fiction with a vivid imagination of how he portrays his great grandfather, Henry Bohanan’s, life back in the late 1700s. Art is, among other things, a forensic scientist. By age 18, he had graduated from high school and had gone to work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The Hubbs-Kellys and the Shocking Tragedy of 1904

The Luttrell community was shocked to learn that on Saturday morning, April 16, 1904, Lyde Hubbs and his son, Parlin Hubbs, were killed in a tragic collision of the hack, in which they were riding, and passenger train, No. 6. The train tracks were owned by a company called KCG & LRR, and train No. 6 was due to arrive in Knoxville at 9:10 am. Just as the hack reached the tracks the train slammed into the team of horses and both horses were killed instantly having been carried a considerable distance down the tracks.