Luttrell Music Festival

Left to right: Sawyer Blankenship, Chase Nicely, Bobby Mink, and Canaan Blankenship.

The Luttrell community enjoyed an evening of great local musicians and delicious local food last month. Admission was free and the event is sponsored by the City of Luttrell and The Tennessee Arts Commission. The goal of this event is to showcase local musicians in a fun-filled, festive family atmosphere.

Tumblin' Run: Bluegrass and Tradition

Tumblin' Run bluegrass band at the Union County Opry

Tumblin' Run bluegrass band at the Union County Opry, photo by DreamKapture Photography left to right Zeke Flatford, Lyndon Kitts, Trey Farley, Tucker Jones

There are deep roots for mountain music, or bluegrass, in Appalachia, East Tennessee and Union County. Many local folks have a passion for the music and the customs it entails. It is a tradition that passes down through generations to our youths.
Tumblin’ Run is a local band that is carrying on the mountain tradition. Members Zeke Flatford (age 20), Lyndon Kitts (20), Tucker Jones (16), and Trey Farley (18) all have a keenness for keeping the tradition alive and bringing the old-time melodies to their audiences.